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So I just assumed that everyone used Twitter as obsessively as I do. However, the other day in my COM class, there became a heated debate if the 140 character social media platform was going to be a lasting trend. My jaw dropped- most COM students I know have their smart phone attached to their hand and tweet their every thought. How could my peers possibly think that Twitter was not the most amazing thing in the entire world?! I’ve decided that this might just be because they are naive and have not yet experienced the world of Twitter yet. They’re nervous and confused. Personally, I got one back in 2009 to follow Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) and Dean Elmore (@DeanElmore). However, BU has embraced and expanded on the Twitter phenomenon, making all things BU accessible in 140 characters. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Boston University  (@BU_Tweets) – The official Twitter of BU, it’s a must follow for all BU students. It provides updates on need to know activities, new events in the BU community and is excellent at retweeting important information from various different users. It’s the hub for BU tweeting.
  • BU Dining Services (@BUDiningService)- An excellent way to communicate directly with the amazing Dining Services staff about every college student’s favorite thing- food. BU Dining Services allows for an open forum for students to ask questions and actually get answers. Where was the Captain Crunch in Warren this morning?! What is the Loose Leafs theme?! What time is Jamba Juice open until?! Ask away and they will answer.
  • BU Athletics (@BUAthletics) – Keep up to date with all of the Terrier’s sports teams. I’ve learned about everything from track, to basketball, to Quidditch- yes. Seriously. Quidditch. Follow BU Athletics if you want to be in the know about all our hardworking student athletes and their teams!
  • BU Educational Resource Center (@BUERC) – Shameless plug. Follow us! Learn about study tips, our academic workshops, tutoring deadlines and more. I’d like to think it’s definitely something worthwhile and will improve your academic awareness at the same time.
  • The GSU (@theGSU) – Yes, everyone/everything at BU tweets- even the buildings. Just kidding- it’s our Mavens keeping us in the loop. Not only do they tweet BU on-goings, they interact with the students and offer us amazing student deals- free Red Sox tickets? Cake? Movie discounts? The GSU will soon be one of your favorites as well.

There’s an extremely limited list of some of the Twitter actives at BU and just some of my favorites. Chances are any organization you’re interested in is going to be on Twitter. Try it– follow them! It’ll start with a few and soon you’ll be addicted as I am, if not more so.

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Jenny posted on June 10, 2011 at 3:01 PM

Hi Kaitlin,

Thanks for the post! I help to manage @BU_Tweets, as well as @BUToday. Wanted to point your readers here:

It’s a Twitter list of all BU-related accounts, for when they’re really ready to jump in.

Thanks Kaitlyn. Really like the blog!


Ivelisse Bemrich posted on July 3, 2011 at 2:13 AM

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