Welcome 2015

While many Terriers are at home working on internships, summer jobs or their tans, the campus is ready to come back to life today. You guessed it- Summer Session 1 of Orientation begins today! We so excited!

For all of us, the Class of 2015 means something different. The class of 2014 now knows their way around BU and will feel cool being able to point out where exactly the Howard Thurman Center is or be able to explain the difference between the salad themes at Loose Leafs (not Leaves, don’t worry, I just noticed the grammar fail for the first time in 3 years at BU). For my class, 2012, it’s the beginning of the culture shock of Senior year (honestly, 2015?! I feel like a nana). For 2015, however, it’s the beginning of this amazing college experience- don’t mind me, this posts will get more and more nostalgic as the year goes on- and it begins with a bang. Welcome to #otation11.

Now, as a rising senior (we should keep a tally of how many times I’ll say that in this post), I’d like to offer 2015 some wisdom about how to survive orientation at BU.

  1. Bring a fan– My orientation session hit the 90’s and, being a local girl, I had the common sense to bring a fan with me to orientation. Come midnight in Rich Hall, I was the most popular girl on the floor and everyone wanted to hang out in my room.
  2. Read about your classes beforehand– Registration can be a little tricky to handle the first time around. While you most likely will be taking 100 levels and it may be harder to get the exact classes you want as a freshman, it feels better going into the process.
  3. Use your SA’s– Your orientation leaders the SA’s (the Student Advisers for the 2015ers who aren’t used to BU’s affinity for acronyms yet) are all amazing members of the BU community. They’re just as excited about orientation as you are so participate with them and ask them anything and everything. Shameless plug- COM students in Group 31, you have the BEST SA an incoming freshman could ask for- our very own OA Corner superstar, Mike! I already miss my partner in crime.
  4. Take a picture with Dean Elmore– I have one from my freshman orientation and somehow someone from the DOS Office hunted me down, professionally printed the picture out for me and left it in my West Campus mailbox. SO COOL. Since Dean Elmore is our own celebrity, I’ll cherish it forever and plan on getting a matching one at Senior Breakfast (Side note- If you read this Dean Elmore, I apologize for making plans for you).
  5. Keep in touch with your Orientation friends– While you might not meet your best friend at orientation, you will make lasting friends. It’s so nice to be able to run into them on Comm Ave and be able to catch up or see how many mutual friends you’ve made by the end of the school year. At the end of the day, it feels good to say “This is my first BU friend”.
  6. Don’t worry about your Terrier card picture– Let’s be honest. You will lose it. Plus it’s funny to see how much you’ve changed over the years.

So that’s all the wisdom I’ve accumulated in the past 3 years. I hope that you use it wisely. I’ll see you all at the orientation presentations and, as always, feel free to stop by the 4th floor of the GSU to learn more about the ERC. I’m here and eager to hear from you Class of 2015.

OA Corner love,

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