Monthly Archives: February 2012

Get Involved!

Getting involved outside of the classroom = stress reduction, meeting new people, and a resume boost. While your classes are important don’t miss out an opportunity to get more involved in the University while you are here. BU has a lot more to offer than just what you experience in the classroom. Involvement on campus […]

Feed Your Brain

The ERC is hosting its final workshop of the semester tomorrow with a nutritionist from Sargent Choice Nutrition Center. Lisa Ferreira will talk about the importance of starting the day with foods that can help boost brain performance, such as whole grains and proteins. Learn about portion sizes and identify red flags on nutrition labels […]

Career Expo In Review

Last Wednesday the Center for Career Development hosted their Spring Career Expo with over 125 different employers!  Career Fairs are great not only for students actively looking for post-college jobs but also for underclassman students to get a feel for how to market their studies in the future.  Several of our Office Assistants took the […]

ESL Workshops: Some Things Old Something New

Our new series continues this week.  We have a lot of programs at the ERC and while our website does a good job of explaining them we thought you might be interested in hearing from some of the student leaders who make these programs possible.  Here the peer tutors/leaders from the ERC describe their programs, […]