Get Involved!

Getting involved outside of the classroom = stress reduction, meeting new people, and a resume boost.

While your classes are important don’t miss out an opportunity to get more involved in the University while you are here. BU has a lot more to offer than just what you experience in the classroom. Involvement on campus will help you meet people outside of you major/college and provide a nice resume boost.  So don’t spend all your free time holed up in your room instead check out some of the great experiences the University has to offer outside the classroom.

Check out the Bulletin Board of Events happening on campus or sort through the exhaustive list of over 500 student clubs and organizations.  Everything from club sports, to Greek life, to Residence Hall Associations, to service and professional associations are listed (and categorized so you can easily find what you are looking for!).


From comedy shows to a great concert series, BU Central hosts a variety of great programming that is worth getting out of your dorm room to go see!

Research your Professors
Go to department websites, read your professors bios and learn about their research.  Building rapport with a professor whose discipline and career you admire could potentially lead to research opportunities, graduate school or career advice or UROP project ideas. If the conversation continues after BU, you may have discovered a mentor in the process who could possibly write a recommendation down the road. Don’t forget to check out the Professors who lives on campus (Faculty in Residence).  Not only are they great resources for students but they often hold fun events!

Student Employment
Another great way to get involved on campus is by working on campus.  You’ll learn a whole other side to the University and get paid while you do it!


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