Monthly Archives: June 2011

Happy #SMDay!

So I get that a lot of you out there might think the title of this blog is strange. To translate, I’m wishing you a “Happy Social Media Day!” and if you’re at BU right now, “Happy #SMDayBos” to be specific. I think that, as a culture, social media is helping to improve us. I […]

It’s Summer but we’re still Students

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a pro at summers. Back in the day, I could lay by the pool or play Frisbee at the beach with the best of them. I grew up near the water and lived the epitome of summer every summer. Transitioning to summer at BU was a bit […]

Welcome 2015

While many Terriers are at home working on internships, summer jobs or their tans, the campus is ready to come back to life today. You guessed it- Summer Session 1 of Orientation begins today! We so excited! For all of us, the Class of 2015 means something different. The class of 2014 now knows their […]

Twitter Celebrities

Hi there Terriers! So I just assumed that everyone used Twitter as obsessively as I do. However, the other day in my COM class, there became a heated debate if the 140 character social media platform was going to be a lasting trend. My jaw dropped- most COM students I know have their smart phone […]

Stress Today, Gone Tomorrow

Now that Commencement is over, we’re happy to officially wish you a happy beginning to summer! As a student, I’ve found that the second summer hits- I am in a state of bliss. The hours of cramming, the dozens of GSU Starbucks coffees and CampCo Redbulls and the all-nighters spent in Mugar seem to fade […]