Career Expo In Review

Last Wednesday the Center for Career Development hosted their Spring Career Expo with over 125 different employers!  Career Fairs are great not only for students actively looking for post-college jobs but also for underclassman students to get a feel for how to market their studies in the future.  Several of our Office Assistants took the time to attend (or volunteer at) the Expo here’s what they had to say about it!

I have always been hesitant about networking. I just never have been good at going up and introducing myself to people, so I was rather scared of the career fair. However, the atmosphere of the career fair made it really easy to just go up and talk to employers, and it was super helpful in attempting to find which career path I want to take. I got 2 interviews out of just talking to people!

Katie K.
Office Assistant

I really enjoyed working at the Career Expo yesterday. It was great to see so many people come out and take advantage of this great opportunity to network and gain experience interacting with recruiters. It’s so nice that the Center for Career Development puts these expos together for BU students and alumni– I don’t think many other schools have career expos with over 100 companies present… makes me really appreciate where I go to school!

Laura G.
Office Assistant

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