Friends Don’t Let Friends Surf Aimlessly

Hey Blog Followers!
Katie and Mike here to talk a little about distractions. For us,
we’re always playing Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream at work (it never gets old) and it sometimes keeps us from writing awesome blog posts for the OA Corner. Here are a couple of cool ways to manage your online time and keep you from Stumble Upon, Twitter and FACEBOOK. We’ve ranked them in a very specific way according to student’s desperation:

Cool I have a paper assignment that’s due in 2 weeks! Awesome!
Try: Rescue time – a Google chrome site that is FREE!! It tracks how much time you spend on different online activities so you know what your weak spots are.

Shoot I forgot about that paper and it’s due in 2 days, oops.
Try: Stay Focused – a program that lets you set time limits for yourself for specific sites, so you can only spend 20 minutes on Perez Hilton before it goes away for you or 45 on Facebook before it shuts itself down for you and MAKES you study.

PAPER DUE IN 6 HOURS WHY DID I NOT START EARLIER?! (No one should ever be in this state due to the AWESOME ERC time management techniques available, but just in case!!)
Try: Self-Control. It’s a free downloadable application for Macs that allows you to completely block websites from yourself for a pre-determined amount of time, even days! There is no way to reverse blocking a site once you’ve done it, even resetting your computer. The skull and crossbones icon shows that this means business!

We hope that you guys are holding up this week where a lot of 3/4 of the way through the semester papers are due! We believe in you! Stop by and make a Writing Center appointment with us for extra help!

Kaitlin and Mike

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