Timing is Everything

Gin Schaffer is the Associate Director of the ERC

Those watches on your wrists and clocks on your walls apologize.  They really just want to tell you what time it is. They mean no harm. They don’t like seeing you panic, wondering: ‘Where, oh where has all the time gone!’

The truth is, time is on your side. It can be your best asset if you learn to use it wisely.  Have you had the experience of waking up saying you had so much to do only to fall asleep that night feeling you accomplished nothing?  Be honest; did you have a plan to complete your tasks?  One of the pitfalls in time management is not having a plan or trying to use a system that simply doesn’t match your learning and cognition preferences.  I love those fancy Franklin Covey day planners, but the truth is, I never write in them!  I finally realized that a combination of an electronic calendar and daily to-do lists is how I get things done.

Now, it’s your turn. What time management system works for you?

Decide on a type of day planner and take inventory of your time so that you know where you may be struggling with wasted time.  Don’t leave anything out of your inventory – be honest about how much time you spend on the computer, watching television, or hanging out.  Then, make adjustments so that you can balance your social, academic, and work responsibilities.  You’ll be calmer and love Time for it!

Watch the ERC’s video on Time Management to learn more useful tips.


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