Esra: Fitting in Last Minute Activities

Less than three weeks of classes left and it’s hitting you that the school year is almost over. For most, it’s a very bittersweet time. So how can you make the most of it before finals? There are so many fun events constantly going on around campus, especially this time of year when the weather is finally getting warmer.

Kappa Delta’s Smart Cookie

Join Kappa Delta in their spring philanthropy event on April 13 at 7:00pm in Metcalf. The event pairs members of different BU organizations together to compete in a trivia competition using questions from an Eastern Massachusetts Girl Scouts troop. Additionally, sisters will be selling Girl Scout cookies at the event!

Alpha Phi’s Ivy Man

The sisters of Alpha Phi are hosting their annual Ivy Man Male Beauty Pageant on April 15 at 7:30pm in Metcalf. All proceeds go to the Alpha Phi Foundation supporting women’s heart health.

Boston University Relay For Life

April 18-19 will be BU’s seventh annual Relay For Life event. Sign up, donate, and enjoy some live music, a dodge-ball tournament, Zumba, and other activities while you fight the battle against cancer! Get ready for an awesome night at the Track and Tennis Center!

BU Treblemakers Spring Concert

One of BU’s co-ed a cappella groups is having a spring concert on April 19 at 7:00pm in the Photonics Center, Room 206. The “Treble in Paradise” concert is embracing the upcoming warm weather and it will be a great time!


Stop by the COM Lawn on April 29 from 3:00-5:00pm and enjoy all sorts of baked goods! COM student groups will be competing at this annual bake off. Money raised will be benefiting the Katie Bleck Foundation.

Abby: Keep In Touch!

The other day I was catching up with my best friend from high school whom I hadn’t talked to in a couple of weeks. I was telling her about some problem that came up which I had stressed over, but by the time I was filling her in the issue was resolved and old news.  She said, “Abby! Why didn’t you tell me this happened?!”

And I asked myself the same question. An outside opinion would have helped me so much and gave my Boston-centric issue a fresh perspective (And it is always great to catch up with friends). Sometimes you get caught up in the BU bubble of lectures, studying, dining hall lunches and roommates that it is really easy to forget about the other aspects of your life.  I think it is so important to keep in touch with family and loved-ones and they are equally grateful to be kept in the loop.  With things like iPhones, and Facebook and Skype it is so easy to iChat your mom in Florida on your walk home from class, IM your best friend studying abroad in Dublin, Skype with your boyfriend abroad in Morocco and then call your family who lives in New Orleans.  Old school snail-mail is also a thoughtful and often overlooked way of keeping in touch.  I just sent an actual letter to my great Aunt who doesn’t have a cell phone and she was so grateful to be kept in the know about what I’m up to in college.  Sometimes things can get overwhelming when you text a friend to tell them to get on Facebook so you can send them a link to a video another friend saw on Twitter and then emailed you about.  So be careful to not get overwhelmed and only reach out when and for how long you want to.  If it takes you a day to respond to a text that is absolutely fine.  I’m sure your loved one will appreciate it no matter what.

Technology really does amaze me. Morocco is 3,515 miles away. I’m surprised I even get to see a picture.

This isn’t how it is every week, but sometimes you just have to call your Mom four or five times in one day. (We were making holiday plans and I kept losing the call in the elevator. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, okay?)


Anneliese: Registration Survival Guide

Ah, the possible pain or glory of spring registration. For underclassmen, the day can seem daunting, as you are often left scrambling after upperclassmen claim the seats you were coveting. Here are some tips and reminders to keep you from having a meltdown when the melee begins.

1)   Wi-Fi or Die

Okay, so that’s a little dramatic, because you won’t sustain any bodily harm during registration. BUT, you want to make sure you have the most pristine Wi-Fi connection during your fated time slot. You don’t want to miss out on your ideal schedule simply because those annoying, little bars are blinking.

2)   Back it Up

Make sure you have a back up in case one of your preferred classes fills up. Then, have a back up for your back up.  And maybe even a triple back up. Better to be safe than sorry.

3)   Brunch it Out

My friends and I had a pre-registration brunch to help cope with the stress of choosing classes. It sounds stupid, but hey—if we couldn’t have the class we wanted, at least we had pancakes. Pancakes, and each other to rant to about the ordeal we had just survived.

4)   Gimmie a Break

Just because registration is over, doesn’t mean you should lose all hope. Winter break is basically the flea market of course shopping, with people dropping classes and picking up new ones during this time. The victory of claiming your desired class is made even sweeter, since you really have to wait and hunt for it. Crappy metaphor aside, my point is: Stalk the registrar over winter break.

5)   Don’t Sweat it

Even if you don’t end up with all of your number one choices, don’t freak out! BU offers a wide range of great courses with awesome professors, leaving you with a better chance of having good ones than bad ones. Who knows—your favorite course of the semester may even end up being one you hadn’t picked initially.

Happy registration, everybody!


Dany: Last Minute Halloween

I don’t know about you guys but for some reason, October is always the busiest month of my semester. And it sucks cause it also happens it’s my favorite month of the year. I love the beginning of fall, the leaves, the pumpkin-flavored everything, apple pies, and of course Halloween.

Every year, I’m forced to come up with a super lame last minute costume cause I just don’t have time to really come up with something great. BUT this year I’ve thought of some still-lame-but-super-awesome costumes that you can throw together in a moment’s notice.

1. Nudist on strike

Regular clothes and a sign around your neck. Done.

2. School spirit

White sheet and BU jacket. Done.

3. Quarterback

Tape a quarter to your back. Done.

4. Social butterfly

Draw some apps on a white t-shirt and throw on some fairy wings. Done.

5. Broke

Just add tears. Done?

Half-kidding about that last one. But really, I absolutely love Halloween and no amount of work or midterms or papers will take that away. These are lame but they always make me laugh. It’s the laziest creativity I’ve ever seen and I love it. But there’s also brilliant ideas for groups or duos that take little time and effort and come out awesome.

After all, it’s only one night. So be safe and have fun!


Sara: Baby It’s Getting Cold Outside

It’s starting to get cold in Boston and chances are you’re mentally preparing yourself to start hibernating for the winter. It’s pretty easy from here on out to return home from classes, stay inside and drink hot chocolate/coffee/ your hot beverage of choice instead of adventuring around the city. BUT I’m here to try and steer you away from that mindset because although the city gets cold, Boston doesn’t stop! Welcome to the approaching winter season all you Californians/ Floridians, where we still function regardless of what wrath Mother Nature brings upon us.

Don’t let your adventurous side stop just because of the chill! Here are some great events happening around the city in the coming months that I look forward to all year:

-Ghost Tours in Salem, MA

Now through Halloween

-Ice Skating at the Frog Pond on Boston Common

mid November

-Boston Christmas Festival & Gingerbread House Competition

Nov 8-10 at Seaport World Trade Center

-Christmas at Newport Mansions

you have to take a trip to Newport, RI for this but it’s worth the drive!

(this is a tour through the Mansions, if you’re into history you’ll love it)
starts November 23

-Faneuil Hall Christmas Tree Lighting

(also check out BLINK! Light show)
November 23

-Boston Ballet Nutcracker

November 29- December 29

-Boston Pops Holiday Show
Boston Symphony Orchestra

December 4 -24

-First Night Boston- Boston’s celebration of the new year

December 31

(Am I jumping the gun by talking about Christmas before Halloween has even passed? Maybe…)


Steph: Travel the World with COM

I recently found out that I will be spending my Spring semester abroad across the pond in London! I absolutely cannot wait to begin my adventure. The best part about it is, through COM, I will not only be living and studying in a totally different country, but I'll also be working there!

When you study abroad through COM's programs, you get to fulfill an internship while you're there too. How cool is that?! And, you're guaranteed to find an internship, with a little help from a placement agency that the Study Abroad office works with.

COM has study abroad programs in London, Spain, Dublin, Paris, Sydney, and "abroad" in D.C. and L.A. Want to write for a music magazine down under? Wanna make documentary films in Spain? Or maybe you want to work PR in London? All those options are open to you through BU COM Study Abroad.

Stay tuned for my blogs from across the pond! Cheerio!

Morgan: So You Failed Your First Exam…

It happens to the best of us. You had no idea what to expect from your professor for your first COM101/AR100/PS101/anyotherlargelecture exam. They might have given some very vague details about what would be on it and how it would be set up, but still, you struggled to find the right way to study for your first big college exam. So now what?

Unfortunately, crying in your professor’s office rarely works. So the best thing to do is STAY CALM, and follow these steps to success.

1)   Head over to your professor’s office hours to go over the exam. Were there concepts that you just didn’t understand? Did the set up or the wording of questions confuse you? Figure out what went wrong so you can be prepared next time.

2)   While you’re there, ask about extra credit opportunities. There may not be any available, but it never hurts to ask.

3)   Start PAYING ATTENTION in lecture. I know, shocker. Get yourself this nifty little self control app so you can block all those tempting websites you want to surf during lecture. Or if possible, take notes the old fashioned way – pen & paper.

4)   Make sure not to lose any more points. If there are homework assignments, papers, etc. that are part of your grade – make sure you do the absolute best on these you can. Use the COM writing center and your TF’s as resources – their job is to help you! So take advantage of it!

5)   Next time, study like crazy. Some of my study methods include…


-       Making outlines of each chapter.

-       Spending 5 hours in the library until I memorize absolutely everything.

-       Trying to put all of the information for each chapter on a single piece of paper – color-coded.

-       Studying with friends! Sometimes trying to explain a concept to someone else helps you understand it better.

-       Not leaving it until the last minute. Start studying 4-5 days in advance so it really sticks in your brain!

You can do it!!


Maria: How to Avoid the Graduation Crisis

Commencement weekend is a little less than 7 months away. It may sound exciting to your mom and dad who don’t have to pay tuition after May 18th, but to me and other seniors, it’s one of the most terrifying thoughts. College has been the most amazing three and going on four years of my life, and to think that that will all come to an end soon is very scary. And it makes frightening questions come to mind - what do you mean no more four-day weekends? How am I going to afford anything without a student discount? And the question that is without a doubt on everyone’s mind: where am I going to work once I graduate?

Fortunately, BU and COM specifically prepare you well for graduation… or at least the best anyone could be prepared for graduation. COM has a great resource that I encourage everyone to utilize during his or her time at BU, and that’s COM Career Services. COM Career Services is there to help you with getting a job, even before you graduate. They have an online database full of internships and jobs in Boston and around the country. You can even access the database once you graduate, which is extremely helpful if you find yourself in a bit of a rut a couple months down the road after graduation. They also have cover letter and resume critiquing, which I take advantage of often. Who knows what companies are looking for on resumes and cover letters more than the people in COM Career Services? They also have fun activities that can help with your professional appearance – one example being a LinkedIn headshot photo opportunity, where you could go in and get a professional picture done for your LinkedIn!

On top of that, internships are highly encouraged in COM. Some students are required to intern as part of their curriculum, while others just take advantage of the amazing companies in and around Boston. I’m on my fifth internship during my college career, and I can honestly say that internships teach you more than you’ll ever learn in a classroom. You’ll never know the full experience of what it’s like to work in a certain industry until you immerse yourself into it. Internships prepare you for the real world and being a “real person” as I like to refer to people with jobs and careers. In addition they are amazing resume builders, and they can only help you get a job and further your professional life. Sometimes internships that you’ve interned with will even offer you a job after you graduate and are usually more likely to hire you over someone who is not familiar with the company.

All in all, it almost makes me cringe hearing the word graduation, but I know that COM has prepared me really well for the future and how to obtain a job. Take advantage of everything COM has to offer; it can only help you and make you a better student and candidate for a job in the future, and that will make you worry a little less about the g-word.


Lauren: Apples to Apples

Hi everyone!  Hope you're all having a fantastic semester so far!

Throughout my time here at BU, I've been a campus representative for a few brands (American Eagle Outfitters, IMAX, etc.) and now I've taken on the challenge of promoting the exciting card game, Apples to Apples.

Being a campus ambassador is a great way for mass communication, advertising and PR students to get experience with marketing, promotions, event planning & social media!  These positions have really helped improved my face-to-face communication skills and look impressive on my resume.  Plus, I've acquired a ton of branded promotional items over the years, which is awesome!  I've loved the experience that I've gotten working as a campus representative, and I highly recommend it to any student in COM!

With Apples to Apples, I get to work for Mattel, a huge toy-manufacturing company!  I go to on-campus events and student group meetings on a weekly basis to give away promotional materials, including lip balms, playing cards, t-shirts, full-sized games, tumblers and coupons!  The other Apples to Apples reps and I also host tournaments too and help spread the word about the game through guerilla marketing tactics!

If you want the Apples to Apples campus representatives to give goodies to your student group, email me at!  We'd love to come by!  And definitely enter the Apples to Apples Crazy College Cash Giveaway here for your chance to win $10,000 IN CASH!

Follow Apples to Apples on Facebook & Twitter to get more awesome updates!

Until next time,



Kevin: Go Sox!

Growing up, I was a diehard Red Sox fan. I remember my town announcing that they were going to convert our little league field into a mini-Fenway park was pretty much the highlight of my life. I remember arguing with my mom until I finally convinced her to let me stay up to watch the Sox win the World Series in ’04. I remember Jason Varitek signing my baseball and that ball might as well have been gold to me. So for me, living down the street from Fenway is a dream come true.

I think baseball fan or not, everyone needs to have a Fenway experience and go to at least one game. This year I went with my roommate to “Dollar Beard Night” and we ended up cutting up my bed sheet to make fake beards, taping them to our faces, and getting into the game for a dollar. (The Sox lost, but it was still one of the best nights of the year so far).

Now that it’s fall and the Sox are in the playoffs, (sorry Yankees, you tried) there’s so much going on around Fenway. The other night, David Ortiz hit a grand slam to pull the Sox back from a 5-1 deficit and I could literally hear the crowd from my dorm. Any time I want to go walk down Yawkey and look at all the banners and posters, it’s just a couple blocks away. Fenway is easily one of my favorite parts of Boston, and to anyone who says they’re not a baseball fan, just try it. Go to one game. I guarantee you’ll get some awesome memories out of it.