Laura: How I Started A Podcast With WTBU


I have wanted to start a podcast for so long, probably since I learned how to talk even though podcasts weren’t a thing yet then. I did have one of those cassette recorder machines – it was Barbie-themed might I add – and I would record myself talking and singing and make cassette tapes of that, so that’s basically a podcast in the 90s. 

I listen to podcasts all day long whether I am walking to class, getting on the T, hanging out in my room, or studying in the library. They are great background noise and keep me awake and energized throughout my day! I love hearing a new perspective on various topics and felt that I could offer a fresh perspective on college life as well. 

WTBU: the beat of Boston University, our student-run radio station, made it extremely easy for me to make all of my podcasting dreams come true. 

I applied to have my own podcast by writing a show description, outlining an example episode, and sending over sample promotional materials. Within a week I was set – I would be getting my own podcast through the WTBU network. 

WTBU has its very own podcasting studio, which is extremely professional and detailed. Additionally, every student has free access to the editing software Adobe Audition. 

I have already put out two episodes with more on the way! Having my own podcast in my last semester at BU has been a great way to reflect on these past four years and end off my Senior year perfectly. I am also able to utilize the podcast platform on my own once I graduate which will be such a fun activity to document post-grad life and help out my listeners. 

If you’d like to check out my podcast, you can listen to the first few episodes on Spotify by clicking here.

Or to listen on anchor, click here.

And follow along on Instagram @Okayguyspod.

If you would like to check out all of the other WTBU podcasts you can find a list of them by clicking here.

Happy listening!

Laura: Seeing Comm. Ave. From a New Light


I will never tire of walking up and down Commonwealth Avenue. Home of Boston University’s campus, stretching about a mile long. 

Endless amounts of energy, students rushing to class, saying hi to friends old and new -- I love it all. 

After being abroad last semester in Sydney, Australia I was really excited about returning to Bean Town for my senior year. 

Experiencing the magic of Comm Ave for the past three years makes the view from my fourth year exciting, but different. Walking from my West Campus apartment to my East Campus classes I notice how much has changed, how much I have learned, and how confident I feel as I walk with a purpose. Long ago are the days where I wouldn’t be able to find my classroom in Kenmore, turning on Google maps in a panic, or leaving an hour before my class started to make it on time.

As I walk our iconic street and campus, I watch my memories unfold. The moment I decided I wanted to attend Boston University on my campus tour in 2015, matriculation, every first day of classes each semester, when the Patriots won the superbowl and the student body created a parade, and so much more. Every time I walk down Comm Ave I am reminded of so much Boston University has given me in friendships, following a career path, and growing up. 

While Life Alive used to be a Panera and the bookstore used to be in Kenmore, these are not the only changes made on Comm Ave. This street holds memories and shows you how much you have learned about yourself. You learn that it does not take an hour to get from one end of campus to the other, but more importantly you gain a foundation of who you are. Now being in my last year I not scared about leaving because I know I can always return back to Comm Ave to remind myself of who I was as I walked this street each day and more importantly who I became because of it. 

Laura: So Much to Miss in Boston

Next semester, I will be traveling abroad to Sydney, Australia for Boston University’s internship program! I will be flying for approximately 21 hours to the land of beaches, kangaroos, and vegemite and saying goodbye to some American, and specifically Boston, staples. In memoriam of being away from those things for four months, I have composed a list of the things I will miss most while I am down under: 

  1. Trader Joe's
    This is number one for a reason. I will miss the convenience of shopping at the Coolidge Corner store every week and the cauliflower rice!
  2. Marathon Monday
  3. T. Anthony’s Pizzeria 
  4. Picco pizza (I really like pizza, can you tell?)
  5. Studying on the 3rd or 6th floor of Mugar
  6. Going to the Boston Public Library to pick up books to read 
  7. The view from the 26th floor of Stuvi2
  8. American-specific content on Netflix (aka The Office)
  9. Lemonade
    Apparently ordering lemonade isn’t really a thing in Australia, the closest thing is Sprite.
  10. Flywheel classes in the Prudential
  11. Ketchup
    If there is one thing to know about me, I put ketchup on everything. Apparently, if I want ketchup in Australia I will have to ask for “tomato sauce,” but then what am I supposed to do if I actually want tomato sauce!? 
  12. Matcha lattes from the Pavement coffeehouse on Commonwealth Ave 
  13. Walking from my dorm in West campus to class in East campus each day 
  14.  FitRec
  15. Running the COM open house in April with my fellow COM Ambassadors
  16. The leaves changing on Bay State Road

Short list of things I will not miss: Snow and hearing everyone talk about Tom Brady. 

I will miss my friends, family, and Boston University as a whole more than anything (even more than Trader Joe's). Boston University has prepared me to take a leap of faith and travel across the world and I know that I am prepared for this journey of a lifetime. I will be back soon Boston, don’t you forget about me! 

Laura: My Love Letter to Boston

Dear Boston, 

I love you, a lot. You are so beautiful and never cease to amaze me. I feel so lucky to call you my home, not only because you are much cleaner, quieter and cozier than the Big Apple, but because you have brought me endless joy. 

You are so much more than Commonwealth Avenue. 

You are the walk into Kenmore coming home from a night at Fenway Park, when everyone is wearing their red and navy blue singing Sweet Caroline. You are the gorgeous brownstones of Beacon Hill. You are the Boston Public Library in Copley Square, the Hood Milk statue in the Seaport, and the lit up swings on the Lawn on D in Southie. You house the tourists at Faneuil Hall, the best shopping on Newbury Street and have some of the most magnificent sunsets I have ever seen. 

You have granted me with some of my best memories. Whether it is taking a walk on the esplanade, trying my favorite ice-cream at the Boston Public Market or going to a concert at the Orpheum, thank you for all of it.

And don’t even get me started on the food! The first time I ever tried oysters was right here in the South End and I even ate blowfish tails at the Elliot Hotel. I would be incomplete without matcha lattes from the Boston Brewin Co. and frozen yogurt from Cafe 472. 

I love you for all you have given me thus far and I know I am bound to learn even more from you in the future. Because of you I met some of my best friends, achieved some of my proudest moments and have grown each day.

Most of all, I love you for being my home. I’m not sure where I will end up in the future but I know that every other city I will ever live in will have some tough competition. 

Love, Laura

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Laura: Things I’ve Learned at my Internship This Semester: with Help from “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation”

1) Show up early and stay late (when you can)

Juggling being a part-time intern and a full-time student can be #rough, but most of the time it reminds me why I'm in COM and at BU in the first place. Showing up early and staying later (when you can) is a great way to show you are dedicated. Also, the mornings are a perfect time to re-group on things you missed on the days you weren't there and talk with you co-workers to form bonds!


2) Ask for things to do!!!

You'd be surprised how many of the other interns sit around and say, "my manager didn't give me anything to do." That shouldn't stop anyone! I continuously ask my mentor and supervisor for things I can do and if they don't have anything I ask different people- which is also a great way to meet everyone. After you've asked every single person if there is anything you can do and you still come up with nothing you can sit in on a meeting or branch out to different departments. Trust me, there is always something to do.


3) Ask for things in general by making a bucket list

You will never know what opportunities can be provided to you if you do not ask. My mentor had me make a bucket list and she told me to put the craziest or even most basic things I could think of. In doing so, she has kept in mind the things I want to accomplish during my internship and has took them into consideration. I will be doing things I didn't even know I could do as an intern!


4) Ask so many Questions!!!!! But only ask the same question once.

Don't be shy! Trust me it is much more embarrassing when you get an assignment and hand it back incorrectly, opposed to asking 117 questions on how to do it the right way- when it is your first time doing that kind of project. Second time around it is up to you to have listened to the answer you were told and trust yourself that you know what you're doing.

giphy (1)

5) Remember you're not "just an intern"

Start seeing yourself as part of the team! When you shake off the idea that just because you're the youngest and you're "at the bottom of the food chain" and start seeing yourself as a member of the team- others will start seeing it too. Do not stand awkwardly in the corner during meetings or run back to your desk after those meetings. Take a seat, take notes, and ask as many questions as possible afterward.


6) Be social!

Saying "good morning," "have a great weekend," and even "hello" can go a long way. The more you talk to those that work around you, the more they will be willing to give you things to do. Go to lunch with the people who sit next to you or simply just spark up a conversation with them, it helps make important connections.


7) Keep a journal

I have been keeping a journal and writing down all of the assignments I have done and things I have been learning. Not only will this serve as great memorabilia for me, but it will also serve my memory when adding the things I did to my resume when my internship has concluded.


Laura: Balancing Act

A month into my New Year’s Resolution and I can say I am not doing too hot.

What is this 2018 Resolution you ask? Not the basic ideas like drink more water, exercise frequently, or be better at saving money, but rather…

To stop getting stressed out.

If you are anything like me (neat freak, planner obsessed, calendar is color coded, etc) you might think this is an impossible goal. I just can’t help it! When I have an overwhelming schedule I immediately result to blurting out “I’M SO STRESSED!"

I think getting caught up in the college moment is almost too easy. With class all day, an internship, trying to hangout with friends, catching up on This is Us and getting sleep it can be impossible to find time to breathe.

Here is my pledge that I will actually try to be less stressed so here are some ideas on how we can all prevent and reduce stress: 

  • Meditating in the morning

This doesn’t need to take too much time it can just be taking some nice deep breaths before leaving your room for the day and giving yourself positive thoughts.

  •  Drinking tea before bed

My favorite is the honey lavender “Stress Relief” tea from the brand Yogi.

  • Getting the proper amount of sleep

I try and get 8 hours of sleep every night by using the bedtime section on the clock app on my phone. I can set when I want to go to bed and wake up and it will remind me 15 minutes before to go to bed. I can also track my sleep to make sure I am staying well rested to avoid feeling run down and sick.

  • Acknowledging that you’re stressed and taking a break

If you take a minute to realize you’re stressed, what needs to get done and then take a small break before you do it, it might be more effective. Sometimes I need a quick break before I can sit down to do all my work.

We’re all in stress together! Get those deep breaths going with me and we can definitely make it through this semester.

Laura: What Can Happen in a Semester?

Every semester at BU is just as memorable as the next, but something about this semester felt different from the other two I have experienced. As a sophomore, I admittedly did a lot of reflecting on how much has changed since my first ever semester here last fall. I came to Boston this year reminiscing on memories of last year, recognizing that it was no longer going to be my first time doing everything. Woah I actually know how to get around the city, and how to use my dining points efficiently, and where the quietest study spots are (during finals do not go to Mugar- try finding a classroom in the law building!) I adjusted more quickly and looking back on all of the amazing memories a lot did happen this semester!

Here is a quick peek into what my life was like this fall: 

  • I got a library card at the Coolidge Corner Library and definitely recommend it.  
  • I fell getting out of the shower (Yup! Just slipped right out!)
  • I lived with seven friends. Very fun but equally loud and crazy.
  • I went to the synagogue in Brookline with my family for the Jewish high holidays.
  • I got offered my dream internship for the spring 2018 semester at an advertising agency. 
  • I witnessed not one, not two, but THREE weddings in front of the Boston Public Library.
  • I worked on two projects in Ad Club, one as an account executive where we worked on rebranding and one as a copywriter where I made mail templates to be sent out to students.
  • I saw Bleachers in concert at the House of Blues!
  • I started watching This is Us…. all the tears, I know, I asked for this. 
  • I celebrated the one year anniversary of when I met my boyfriend.
  • I went to Dry Bar for the first time and did not like it!!! 
  • I participated in a dance marathon for the Boston Children’s Hospital.
  • I tried oysters for the first time and discovered my favorite new restaurant: Saltie Girl.
  • I lost connections with a few of my good friends from freshman year but formed deep connections with the ones that I still had. I also formed deeper relationships with people who were just acquaintances in the past. 
  • I took my favorite class: Introduction to Creative Writing (CAS EN 202) where my professor always encouraged us to push ourselves in our writing and try new things.
  • I thought my friend Lexi broke my funny bone. She didn’t I am okay people.
  • I went to the Waterfront and Seaport for the first time.
  • I invented a new product for S’well for my COM 331 class. Shark tank here I come?

But as fun as all of these moments were, I noticed an over-arching theme this semester. 

I think I really grew up (woah, what, what is happening). 

Even when I would call my mom on the phone she would mention, “You have matured so much in these past few months! How did that happen?”

I honestly have no clue, but I think it has something to do with it being my second year and not my first. The pressure of making friends is no longer a worry of mine, I understand what it takes to get good grades and I have a lot of practice in time management and balancing everything I want to accomplish. Maybe something that made me become “more adult” is the way that I prioritized finding an internship and using my go-getter attitude to go for, and ultimately accept, my dream internship. I think any nerves I had about networking or simply talking to super-adulty (Laura, c’mon you’re telling us you’re an adult and you’re using the word “adulty”) professional people have evaporated, because I have realized for once that I’ve got this! 

And you do too. It might take time, but I cannot believe how much growth I have accomplished in just one semester and I think that I can only continue to grow if I keep pushing myself here at BU.

Laura: An opportunity you may be missing

You know those emails you get at least three times a week about a new event to go to or a speaker that is coming? You might just mark them as read or send them to trash, but I promise you should actually read them.

I attended the BU Career Fair this past month, and believe me I had my hesitations. Though, I am extremely happy that I decided to attend. I printed out copies of my resume, obsessed over what I should wear, put on a lot of deodorant (hey, I am a nervous sweater!) and practiced what would come out of my mouth when I shook the recruiters' hands. 

Inline image 1

From the looks of it, the career fair can be very intimidating. This semester it took place in the Metcalf ballroom on the 2nd floor of the GSU and there was a sea of eager students. When you walk in, team members from the CCD will hand you a sheet with all of the companies at the fair. I marked off the five companies I aimed to meet with, went in with a smile, and reminded myself to breathe. As you can tell, I understand that these types of fairs can be intimidating and you can feel lost at them. I also know that it can be difficult to gage the value of attending a career fair as an underclassmen, but it is never too early to go to an event you receive an email about. Whether it is a networking event, career fair or internship information session because it is always great to practice- so by the time you graduate maybe you will not need to re-apply your deodorant as many times! 

I could have never expected how well the career fair went. I ended up making strong connections with agencies in Boston and scheduled interviews for spring internship opportunities. I find that all of the resources available to us including COM Career Services, the COM writing center, Undergrad Affairs and Handshake are incredible. Though, nothing beats the opportunity of getting to present yourself in front of future employers and show what you know. 

These are my tips to help encourage you to take advantage of all the events and information sessions that BU and COM specifically have to offer:

  • Always research the company/ internship program prior to meeting with the recruiters so you can ask specific questions and show your smarts

Inline image 3

  • Print out copies of your resume and maybe buy a nice portfolio to hold them in- I got mine at staples for $15, but it looks just as fancy

Inline image 4

  • Write yourself a little note to stay calm 

Inline image 9

  • Try to find some common ground to make a memorable connection (I knew we learned this at orientation for a reason)

Inline image 10

  • Remember: these companies are attending career fairs and giving presentations at information sessions because they genuinely want college students to come and intern and give insight! 

Inline image 7

Never be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and use the resources that are available to you. The opportunities are waiting for you so go out and get them!

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Laura: I Made an Instagram Account to Share What I Love

This summer I wanted to put my summer break to good use and find a new way to relax… without using Netflix. I know, crazy right? During the school year I find myself extremely busy with assignments, activities, and friends that I have no time to indulge in a great book. Therefore this summer I chose to read as much as possible and set a goal of reading 10 books. In 2016 I had only read 4 books for fun, so this was going to be a major adjustment and slight challenge. I ended up passing my goal. I read 15 books in just one summer. I made a plan to read every day and somehow worked my way through books of various styles and genres. Often times when I would finish a book I would post a snapchat on my story and because of this a lot of people started to notice how often I was reading. 

My friends would text measking:

“Can you recommend a book to me!?”

To which I always replied: 

“What kind of books do you like?” 

Followed by a list of 10 books I think they might like. 

I was receiving these texts about three times each day…

Due to this, I decided to start an Instagram where I could post the books I love and the books I am currently reading for my friends to look at and get recommendations. Within one month of starting the account I have over 120 followers. While I am walking on Comm Ave people constantly stop me to talk about books or my Instagram account. If I never started the account, a lot of people would not have known about my love for books and wouldn't have been able to reach out to me about it. 

To my surprise I still receive many texts from my fellow students telling me about books they just read OR about their experience reading one of the books I recommended on my account. My point to this is if you're interested in something: share it! Chances are you will inspire others to share their interest and you will also find common ground with many new people.

If you're looking for a book right now these are the top 10 books I am constantly recommending: 

  1. The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer
  2. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
  3. From Scratch by Allen Salkin
  4. The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy 
  5. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
  6. Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult 
  7. Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky 
  8. Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave 
  9. A little Love Story by Roland Merullo
  10. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley 

Follow my Instagram account @lauras.library to see my posts throughout the year!

Laura: How I Decided What I Want To Do With My Life

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to use my creativity. I have been keeping a journal since 7th grade and my love for writing grows more and more each day. When deciding what to study in college I stumbled across the field of communications and all of the stars were aligned. I like to talk to people, write, use creativity and think about what makes a good brand or campaign. Everything pointed to public relations and I was ready to go. 

After taking COM 101 in the fall and studying the public relations chapter I questioned if that career choice really was for me. That was when I turned the page to the next chapter in the textbook- and my love for advertising began. After reading about how far the advertising industry has come and different famous ad-campaigns that have shaped consumers’ minds I was hooked. I started to think back on why I never feel the need to skip commercials while I am watching TV, or why I love flipping through magazines and everything became so clear.

This spring, I am taking a nutrition course through Sargent College and while I am admittedly not the best at the science behind it, I realized the need for health and wellness advertising. My professor showed the class a video (featured below) about the marketing behind the healthy food market and I had a mile wide smile planted on my face the entire time.

After watching this video and realizing the excitement it gave me (who knew school could be so thrilling?) I finally realized that it is my dream in life to go into the field of health, food, and wellness advertising. This will be the perfect way to use my creativity and also put my love of social justice to use. Sometimes advertising gets the reputation of “messing with consumers minds” and that it “will do anything to trick people into consuming.” I see this specified field as a great way to change that reputation. When I graduate from BU I can only hope that I will be able to work for a team that is able to produce advertisements that raise awareness for diseases, make eating healthy more exciting and that let people know they are not alone if they do happen to have an illness.