Laura: Things I’ve Learned at my Internship This Semester: with Help from “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation”

1) Show up early and stay late (when you can)

Juggling being a part-time intern and a full-time student can be #rough, but most of the time it reminds me why I’m in COM and at BU in the first place. Showing up early and staying later (when you can) is a great way to show you are dedicated. Also, the mornings are a perfect time to re-group on things you missed on the days you weren’t there and talk with you co-workers to form bonds!


2) Ask for things to do!!!

You’d be surprised how many of the other interns sit around and say, “my manager didn’t give me anything to do.” That shouldn’t stop anyone! I continuously ask my mentor and supervisor for things I can do and if they don’t have anything I ask different people- which is also a great way to meet everyone. After you’ve asked every single person if there is anything you can do and you still come up with nothing you can sit in on a meeting or branch out to different departments. Trust me, there is always something to do.


3) Ask for things in general by making a bucket list

You will never know what opportunities can be provided to you if you do not ask. My mentor had me make a bucket list and she told me to put the craziest or even most basic things I could think of. In doing so, she has kept in mind the things I want to accomplish during my internship and has took them into consideration. I will be doing things I didn’t even know I could do as an intern!


4) Ask so many Questions!!!!! But only ask the same question once.

Don’t be shy! Trust me it is much more embarrassing when you get an assignment and hand it back incorrectly, opposed to asking 117 questions on how to do it the right way- when it is your first time doing that kind of project. Second time around it is up to you to have listened to the answer you were told and trust yourself that you know what you’re doing.

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5) Remember you’re not “just an intern”

Start seeing yourself as part of the team! When you shake off the idea that just because you’re the youngest and you’re “at the bottom of the food chain” and start seeing yourself as a member of the team- others will start seeing it too. Do not stand awkwardly in the corner during meetings or run back to your desk after those meetings. Take a seat, take notes, and ask as many questions as possible afterward.


6) Be social!

Saying “good morning,” “have a great weekend,” and even “hello” can go a long way. The more you talk to those that work around you, the more they will be willing to give you things to do. Go to lunch with the people who sit next to you or simply just spark up a conversation with them, it helps make important connections.


7) Keep a journal

I have been keeping a journal and writing down all of the assignments I have done and things I have been learning. Not only will this serve as great memorabilia for me, but it will also serve my memory when adding the things I did to my resume when my internship has concluded.


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