Melina N: Take care of yourself, from someone who also needs that reminder

Congratulations on making it to BU campus – and to university in general! Every single student has worked extremely hard to get here. I can only imagine the countless nights of studying, cramming and stress combined among all of us. Not only did you have to complete college applications, but that came with hours of schoolwork, extracurriculars, sports, performance arts or part-time work. 

Once you get here, there are a variety of pathways you could take. Some decide to take it easy and focus on their social life or explore the city. Some decide to stay indoors and live an independent adult life for the first time by grocery shopping and adulting

For many others (including me), I’ve kept trucking along into college. I am involved in several clubs, try to make time for friends and fit in grocery shopping and eating out when I can. I feel like I can overextend sometimes; my friends are always lecturing me about sleeping more or eating well. 

So, as someone who understands the hustle and bustle of daily life as a BU student, here are some tips and reminders for any of you that feel like you need a mental health check. 

  1. Drink your water! 

I definitely forget to drink enough water (don’t blame me … it makes my stomach feel too full). However, it is definitely a habit that needs to be a conscious effort. Healthy water intake helps wake your brain up and reduce headaches. And as someone who has had a couple of dehydration spells, that should not be a possible event in your already packed schedule. There are many water bottle refill stations around campus and even fun water flavoring mixes if you hate drinking plain water. 

  1. Take breaks. 

The clock strikes midnight. It’s down to the wire, and you have a project or midterm due the next day. You’re wavering between cramming in a bit more work or just calling it a night. Sometimes, when your brain is already fatigued, it’s best to just take a five minute break. I find the pomodoro method to be helpful – 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks. This way, you can 

pace yourself and reset your train of thought before you burnout. And in the off-chance you find yourself in that “I need to study more before tomorrow’s test” loop, it’s best to put yourself first and go to bed. 

  1. Sleep enough.

This brings me to my last point. Sleep is essential! Nothing makes me happier than climbing into my cozy twin XL bed every night. Although I get six hours of sleep some nights, aiming for eight is optimal. Be realistic and prepare yourself for the days when you can’t take care of yourself fully, but your mental health (and physical health) are the most crucial aspects of college life. If you aren’t healthy, you can’t be the best student you can be!


Melina N: What Clubs to Join, From Someone Who Loves Clubs

What Clubs to Join, From Someone Who Loves Clubs

For all of the kids who have been in various clubs throughout high school, BU offers an endless list of on-campus clubs and organizations. I remember walking through dozens of tables and enthusiastic student representatives at my first SPLASH. I must have signed up for at least ten newsletters that day. However, I have compiled a selection of my favorite clubs that I am a part of; hopefully, some of these appeal to you and convince you to explore this school’s bountiful supply of clubs.

Stage Troupe
If you were a former theatre kid pre-college times, Stage Troupe may be the perfect fit for you. I was stage manager in high school, and I was afraid I would be too busy with my classes and work to do theatre in college. However, Stage Troupe, the oldest and largest extracurricular performing arts group at BU, allows us flexibility in our schedules. I never have to worry about
missing important commitments for a rehearsal—as long as I communicate beforehand. During my time at Stage Troupe, I help in the paint department which has a lower time commitment than other departments. Still, I have been able to find friendship and support in this tight-knit community. Consider joining Stage Troupe or a similar extracurricular theatre group if you still crave acting or tech-ing as a hobby.

Boston University International Affairs Association (BUIAA)
I was a major Model United Nations nerd in high school, starting with the General Assembly and transitioning into the Department of Public Affairs. I didn’t want to seriously compete on the Model UN team in university, but I was interested to see if I could still be involved in the process. Luckily for me, BUIAA is one of the largest and most varied organizations on BU's campus, branching out into different sub-organizations. For example, I am a part of the layout
team for the International Relations Review, a student-produced journal of policy-oriented analysis. This spring, I also served as Assistant Crisis Director at BosMUN, the high school conference. Although it is one of my bigger time commitments during the peak season, I gladly make time to work with my friendly members and organization e-board.

COM Student Government (COM StuGov)
And, of course, COM Student Government is an essential part of the COM community (the COMmunity, if you will). I recently accepted the position of Graphic Designer for COMStuGov. The e-board has been nothing but welcome and helpful, and it is heartwarming to see fellow COM students excel within and outside the organization. I hope to help advertise the club’s events, and meet more COM students. COMStuGov is the perfect way to dive into COM and
make COM connections.

My experiences with BU clubs have been overwhelmingly positive. While these are my top choices, there are so many other clubs I probably missed. Be sure to attend SPLASH, contact clubs if you wish to join, and follow their social media. You may just find your next mini-home within this vast campus.