Alice Z: 9 Must DOs and Must Visit Places on long weekends

9 Must DOs and Must Visit Places on long weekends

9: Viewing the BU campus on the 18th floor of the student village
Have you ever recognized the study lounge on the top floor in the student village at BU west campus?
Overlook the magnificent scene of the BU campus and Charles River, you can see people riding boats on
the river and cars crossing the streets.

8: Counting Stars at BU Observatory
What? Does BU have its observatory? Register at the BU Observatory website during opening event
dates, you can explore the secrets of the universe here. Finding the shiniest star from the telescope, you
make a wish under the star.

7: Feel the power of arts at Isabella Steward Gardner Museum
At Isabella Steward Gardner Museum, you will feel the voice of time viewing through Rembrandt’s self-
portrait he painted at his early age. The sunlight goes through the glass ceiling, shining on the growing
green plants in the museum. This museum is not only a place full of classical interior arts but also a
beautiful scene you don’t want to miss in Boston.

6: Feeding the sika deers at Southwick’s Zoo
Driving one hour from downtown Boston, you will go into the wonderland of sika deers. Sitting on the
cable car, you get to overview all the animals in the zoo. Feeding the sika deers with the special fodder
provided by the zoo, you even get the chance to see them super close!

5: Having Italian Cuisine at North End
Taking a 10-minute bus, you can explore the so-called “Little Italian” at North End. Walking through the
streets, you can see Italian restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. Sitting down at St Mary’s Church, enjoying
the foreign vibe, as if you are on a vacation in Europe.

4: Taking a walk at Seaport
One of the most beautiful and vibrant destinations, Seaport is one of the signs of Boston. Along Boston’s
shoreline and blue sky, the seaport connects the Harborwalk and the city’s neighborhoods. Take a walk at
Seaport, with the amazing scenery, you will never find a better place for relaxation.

3: Having a picnic at Boston Common

The weather is always comfortable and warm at the beginning of the fall semester. It’s such a nice time
for a picnic! Grabbing snacks, chocolates, and bubble tea, you can enjoy a lazy afternoon with only food,
friends, music, and green grass.

2: Waking up in a log cabin at Getaway House
Waking up in a wooden cabin in the forest is the most romantic moment I can imagine for a brilliant long
weekend or short holiday plan! Making a cup of fresh coffee, grilling for a barbecue, and taking a walk in
the forest, there is a unique experience you can only have in a getaway house.

1: Watching the sunrise at Revere Beach
What is the good thing about staying up late for a deadline? You can straightly drive to revere beach for a
morning sunset! Waiting for the sunset to rise above the sea wave and white clouds, you can never receive
such a memory in your college life.