Jon: Get Involved! BU’s Professional Film Fraternity

Going into the film industry is all about gaining hands-on experience as early as you can and fostering creative and collaborative connections with your peers. If you are a Film and TV major, want to work in the film industry, or join an organization of people interested and passionate about movies, check out DKA – BU’s national, professional, gender-inclusive, cinematic fraternity.
Who we are – DKA is a student organization at universities across the US in which students who aspire to work in the film industry can network and improve their industry skills. We are a professional fraternity, so professional development is at our core.
What we do – We host all kinds of events related to the film industry throughout the year. Every December we host a student film festival designed to showcase scripts and films from BU’s best filmmakers. We also do a production within the chapter each semester, usually a music video or a short film. Lastly, we also have a weekly screenwriters workshop for anyone who wants to get their scripts looked at by their peers. We also do a variety of social events that range from movie screenings to group retreats
How to join – Spring 2019 Rush starts in January so if you’re interested check us out on Facebook or on BU’s website. We will also be hosting rush events throughout the GSU all month so you can meet us there.
My professional skills and my network has grown as a part of DKA in addition to the lifelong friendships that I have fostered through the amazing people involved in this organization. If you’re interested you can also reach out to me via social media or email! We’d love to have you as a part of DKA!

Jon: The 4 Most Underrated Study Spots for Midterm Season

Midterm season is officially in full swing. Stress levels are at an all-time high. Students are cramming into Mugar like sardines. The GSU Starbucks is running out of coffee. Sleep deprivation levels are skyrocketing. And it's only October!
It's okay if you feel like pulling your hair out - we all do! But if you're looking for some peace and quiet in these trying times, and you actually want to get things done without dealing with swarms of people, check out these 5 low-key study spots that will help you retain your sanity.
1. Boston Public Library - This is the Godfather of all study spots. People don't even consider the largest library in the city when they think of places to study because it's not on campus, but its just a quick T ride over to Copley Square. At the BPL, quiet is the law, so you never have to worry about people bothering you. Not to mention the building itself is incredible, and you feel as if you are studying in a place that was actually designed to let people relax and read. There are no Mugar cubicles here!
2. The Dean's Lounge - On the Third Floor of the GSU, the Dean's lounge is a little area that has big tables and big chairs. You'll be studying in comfort for sure, and the chairs are always prime to take a nap in. Also, did I mention that there are no people? There is almost always a space open at the Dean's Lounge.
3. Barnes and Noble - So believe it or not the B & N in Kenmore square actually has a space for people to sit and read. (Reading in a book store? Who'da thunk it!) There usually aren't many people there and it's really quiet. Just go up to the second floor of the store and you'll see a little area lined with magazines thats just a prime-o spot for reading.
4. CAS Classrooms - If you really want to cheat the system and find a place with complete peace and quiet - then pop into a classroom somewhere in CAS sometime in the evening. By about 7, classes are pretty much done with, and there are plenty of open rooms scattered throughout the building. If you really just want to work without anyone else, then this is maybe the quietest way to do it. You could even bring in some friends and study using the white board if ya want.
Happy studying and good luck on midterms!

Jon O: Looking to See Movies? I Got You Covered.

I've always considered myself to be a bit of a movie nut, and nothing compares to watching film on the big screen. I frequented my hometown theater back in New Jersey so much that they knew me by name, and as soon as I got to Boston I knew I had to find my spot for the next four years. But what I didn't realize was that there are so many different ways to go see movies in Boston. So if you're like me and are sick and tired of watching movies on your tiny laptop screen, here are some different ways to get out and see films in Boston.
If you enjoy the big multiplexes with huge screens, nice chairs, and tons of food options, then you got some options. AMC Loews Boston Common is the biggest theater in town and is located right in downtown Boston. It pretty much shows every big hit thats in theaters at the time so you can always find something to watch. Its also super easy to get to from campus; you just hop on the green line and get off at the Boylston stop and its right across the street. Regal Cinemas Fenway is very similar to AMC only a little smaller, but its within walking distance from BU's campus so its a great spot to go to as well.
Boston is also full of theaters that show independent, international, classic and films.  If you're trying to get away from the big blockbuster flicks, these are the spots for you. Check out the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline if you want to feel like you literally walked into an old black and white film. The theater has been around since 1933 and has been maintained to look exactly like it did when it first opened for business. They are always showing really interesting selections and do a ton of special screenings for classic movies (just this past year I've seen midnight specials of Donnie Darko and The Shining) and host a ton of other unique events. They also have some screening in their main theater on 70mm, which is really cool if your a film geek like I am. If you're feeling like adventuring out of the BU area for a cool showing like this, check out the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, which is a one-screen theater that airs classics and independent movies as well.
If you really don't want to go off-campus to catch a movie (or don't want to pay for one), don't worry, BU can always hook you up. The university occasionally does special screenings for in-theaters movies for free, so make sure you keep a look out for those when they come up. If you're ever free on a Friday night, you can also go down to Cinematheque, which is a series of screenings, meetings and talks with film-makers that is open for all BU students and totally free. Cinematheque happens every week at 640 Commonwealth Ave.
With all the screening going on around the city, you'll never have a night where there isn't something you want to watch in theaters. Happy movie-going!
- Jon