Geneve: The Best Trader Joe’s Snacks for College Students

Before I moved to Boston for college, I didn’t get the hype about Trader Joe’s. Back home, it was the “expensive grocery store that was overhyped.” This summer, I lived in my first apartment and needed to grocery stop on my own for the first time. Then, I understood the hype about T.J.’s. I haven’t looked back since.

First of all, the stereotype that it’s an expensive grocery store is completely false. In fact, Trader Joe’s is probably the cheapest grocery store in the city. I used to do all my grocery shopping at Target, and I would almost always rack up a bill of $50-$60 a week. Star Market is absolutely unquestionably more expensive than Target. Most of the time, I can walk out of Trader Joe’s spending $25-$40, depending on what I get. That’s a steal.

I’ve compiled below some of my favorite things to get that are on my list almost every week. The next time you’re bored of the snacks you always opt for, give these a try!

Mini Vegetable Samosas + Dipping Sauce


These vegetable samosas are crispy little triangles filled with a mixture of lentils, peas, potatoes, onions, and Indian spices. They heat up quickly in the microwave and are just the perfect combination of crispy and soft.

For the dipping sauce, mix equal parts almond butter, soy sauce, and honey. At first, this combination sounds interesting. But believe me, it is one of the greatest things you will ever taste. All of my friends and suite mates would agree. It’s slightly thick, nutty, sweet, and salty, all at once. Of course, if you like one particular ingredient more, you can always adjust portions to taste.

Pumpernickel Pretzel Sticks + Pub Cheese




This combination was actually first introduced to me by COM advisor Bryan (he trained us orientation leaders this summer and always brought us bags full of snacks from Trader Joe’s every meeting). I always got to take extras of this combo home so obviously, it grew on me. The combination of the tastes of these two are just perfect.

Tatte-inspired Ricotta and Jam Toast

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 10.25.51 PM

I actually have to give my friend Sam full credits for this one. She runs an Instagram page, @EZDormCookin. She buys the San Francisco sourdough bread and spreads whole milk ricotta cheese and strawberry preserves on top. I love having this in the morning for breakfast because it’s just the perfect mix of sweet and salty and gives me enough nutrients to last till lunch!

These are just a few of my favorite food finds at Trader Joe’s! I highly recommend a trip down to the T.J.’s at Coolidge Corner and a good stroll through all the aisles. You might find your next favorite snack, or a few!

Maria: Eat Your Way Through Boston

If you know me well, you know that I love food. I love making food, I love reading about food, but most importantly, I love eating food. Good thing for all foodies in Beantown, Boston has amazing places to eat, making it impossible to go hungry here. Whether you’re visiting BU and COM on a perspective student tour or you’re moving here, it’s good to know of some food options, because let’s face it – meals are the most important part of any day.


Eating out at restaurants can add up quickly, especially for a broke college student like myself. But when it’s a birthday, family or friends to come to visit, or you feel like splurging, it’s nice to explore new restaurants that may be on the more pricey side. Here are my favorite restaurants in Boston that are on both sides of the price spectrum (don’t worry, it’s nothing too expensive!).


Breakfast (a.k.a. my favorite meal of the day)

On the less expensive side: @Union, 174 Harvard Ave.

@Union is a small restaurant a few blocks west from BU’s West Campus. They serve breakfast all day, which is a plus for those who sleep until really late in the day, as well as lunch and dinner. All of the prices are extremely reasonable especially for the quality and quantity of the food of your meal. My suggestion: build-your-own omelet.

On the more expensive side: Stephanie’s, Newbury St.

Unfortunately Stephanie’s only serves brunch on the weekends, but it’s worth a trip. With its delicious food and decadent drinks, the menu goes beyond the typical scrambled eggs or plain French toast, also offering lunch options. And for those of you 21+, they have a huge check-list of what you’d like in a bloody Mary, with anything from shrimp to expensive vodka. My suggestion: pulled pork scramble.



On the less expensive side: Scoozi Boston (580 Commonwealth Ave.) or Scoozi Newbury (237 Newbury St.)

Scoozi is a great option for lunch, offering anything from paninis and pizza to steak and seafood – and it’s not too pricey. Choose from either its location on Newbury Street if you’re out shopping for the day of its Kenmore location if you’re on campus looking for a change in pace from the dining hall. My suggestion: steak tips panini.

On the more expensive side: Union Oyster House, 41 Union St.

The longest continuing-running restaurant in the country, Union Oyster House is a quaint oyster house located along the Freedom Trail, making it a perfect pitstop if you’re walking along the trail. You can sense how fresh the food is there by the jumbo lobster tank placed right in the front of the restaurant. Try to sit in the famous booth, where President JFK’s booth “The Kennedy Booth” sits on the top level of the old oyster house. My suggestion: any of the oysters or lobster salad roll.



On the less expensive side: Al Dente, 109 Salem St.

If you love food and you’re in Boston, you need to visit the North End. On a budget? Al Dente is a great place to stop in for dinner. You can’t go wrong with any of the delicious (and homemade!) pasta dishes. Make sure to bring an appetite, as all of the portions will fill you right up. My suggestion: gnocchi al dente.

On the more expensive side: Eastern Standard, 528 Commonwealth Ave.

Located near Scoozi Boston, Eastern Standard is a favorite steakhouse among BU students and their families. With everything from gourmet grilled cheese (I kid you not) to porterhouse, there’s something for everyone at Eastern Standard. My suggestion: seared Scottish salmon or grilled flat iron steak.


Hopefully my suggestions will serve as a helpful guide of where to eat when you’re eating out in Boston. If none of these restaurants suit your needs, you can look at Boston Magazine’s website with different restaurant suggestions. Enjoy!

Steph: Thanksgiving Break On My Mind

Hey everyone! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the only thing on my mind is my flight home to beautiful Miami. I can't wait to break out my shorts and tank tops for the holiday season!

For most of you, this will be the first time you go home since you've come to BU. Since you only have a few short days that will fly by, heres a list of things you should make sure to do while you're at home!

1. Catch up on sleep. For me, the second I lay in my own bed is a moment of utter happiness and peace. There is nothing better than a good night's sleep at home. After a 3/4 of a semester staying up late to do work, take advantage of this week to get back on a normal sleep routine. Your body will thank you.

2. Spend good time with friends and family. Because that's what Thanksgiving is all about, am I right? I remember last year, Thanksgiving break was so amazing because it was the first time my best friends and I reunited after each going off on the new adventure called college (cheesy, but so true.) I'm pretty sure my 4 best friends and I stayed up until 4am just talking non-stop about the last 3 months. That kind of goes against my #1 on my list, but for your friends and family, giving up sleep is worth it. 😉

3. Eat like it's your only purpose in life. Now, I happen to think that I do this even when it isn't Thanksgiving, but the holiday is a great excuse to gorge yourself on some of the best home-cooked meals you'll have in a while. Even though the Thanksgiving dinner they served in Warren Towers last week was pretty incredible, nothing compares with eating amazing food in the comfort of your own home.

4. Do some schoolwork. I know, I know. Schoolwork is going to be the last thing you want to think about while you're at home enjoying your free time. But, time after Thanksgiving break seems to move at hyperspeed. You get back, blink, and oh guess what, you have a final in 2 days! I personally have two 10-12 page research papers, an ad campaign, and a project due in early December (gross.) So, as much as I hate it, I'm going to try my best to carve out some time to get a bit of work done. Being a bit productive will make you feel better once you get back to school and see how much work you have due.

By the time this blog is posted, I'll be soaking in the SoFlo sunshine. Wishing all of you a great Thanksgiving!! 🙂

Juliana: Where to Brunch

Hey Everyone!

For those of you who were able to attend COM Open House in April, I shared during the COM Ambassador introductions that my favorite place on campus for Sunday brunch is Warren Towers dining. When I lived in east campus my freshman and sophomore years my friends and I went to brunch at Warren every single week. Now that we live at different ends of campus, we haven't been able to all convene for Sunday brunch at Warren yet this semester. However, we've explored some off-campus spots a few times this past month.

Here is a list of my favorite brunch spots in and around Boston:

5. Crispy Crepes Cafe

This place defined my freshman year. Located on Park Drive in South Campus, this is the go-to place for... take a guess... crepes. I would always order a Nutella and banana crepe, but recently I tried a savory crepe for the first time-- the Santa Fe. Crispy Crepes Cafe is awesome because it's cheap, no-frills and has a packed menus of everything from crepes to standard breakfast to Middle Eastern delicacies like falafel and shawarma.

4. Trident Booksellers & Cafe

You can wander through aisles of books and salivate over the pages of cookbooks as you wait for a table at this popular Newbury Street eatery. They serve what they call "perpetual breakfast," which has a lot of options to equally satisfy meat-eaters and vegetarians. My favorite thing to order is a specialty tea because it comes in your own mini tea pot.

3. @Union

A few weekends ago I dragged my friends out of bed for my birthday brunch (only I would host a bday brunch) at @Union on Harvard Ave. in Allston. @Union is always super busy because it's good food for on-the-cheap. They always serve seasonal coffee drinks and they allow for refills on regular cups of coffee. The last time I was there I ordered a soy cappuccino and Caprese eggs benedict, which was meatless, with traditional Hollandaise sauce, fresh mozzarella and tomato slices. SO GOOD.

2. The Regal Beagle

My family and I discovered this hole-in-the-wall on Harvard St. in Brookline during their recent visit to Boston. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. Their brunch menu is small, but offers a great variety of creative dishes and twists on classics like a veggie burger topped with a fried jalapeno, pico de gallo and queso fresco. It's cozy and they play hootenanny music, Mumford and Sons and Bob Dylan.

1. Allston Diner

This tiny place on Cambridge St. in Allston doesn't allow parties bigger than four, so it's great for an intimate group. There's tons of options for vegans and vegetarians. I recently ordered chicken and waffles. It was straight up heaven.


Tiffany: There’s Always Time to Eat!

Only have a quick break in between classes? Growing bored of the dining hall? Just want something delicious and affordable to eat? You are in luck because the food trucks outside the COM building are the perfect solution! Everyday there is a food truck located right in front of COM that serves tasty, affordable, and quick food to get you what you need and want in a matter of minutes.  Having a good, satisfying meal is what keeps me going throughout the day, especially as midterms, class projects, and essays are picking up speed. You’ll also often run into professors here and it’s a great opportunity to casually chat and bond over food. Here are some of my favorite food trucks that park their mobile kitchens right outside:

Clover Food Lab: Mondays & Tuesdays Lunch

  • Vegetarian friendly (no meat served)
  • Personal favorite: Chickpea fritter and rosemary fries

Bon Me: Wednesdays Dinner

  • Vietnamese style food
  • Personal favorite: Spiced-rubbed-all-natural chicken rice bowl

Mei Mei Street Kitchen: Thursday Lunch

  • Chinese-American food
  • Personal favorite: Porky rice ball

The Dining Car

  • American
  • Personal favorite: New England pulled pork sandwich

Whether you’re in a hurry to get a quick bite to eat or you just want to mix it up with something new, check out some of these food trucks and I promise your taste buds won’t regret it!


Alexa: All About Boston Restaurants

Alexa ImageHey everyone! Boston is such a great place for so many things! We have awesome sports teams, great sightseeing places and incredible food! The dining halls here are great, especially at West campus where I eat frequently, however it’s always nice to go out to eat once in a while.

Roast Beast is located at 1080 Commonwealth Avenue and it’s delicious.  No seriously. This place specializes in both roast beef and turkey sandwiches.  It’s a charming little hole in the wall with a really friendly staff. They can make your order any way you can imagine. I personally order a regular roast beef on onion bread with house barbecue on the side and a bottled cream soda to take it down.  For anyone who is up to a challenge Roast Beast offers the “Thermonuclear Challenge” The task is eating a sandwich with a fiery sauce that has hot peppers in just five minutes. While this may seem like no big deal, I have witnessed this challenge and it is crazy. People cry. However if you win, you’re meal is free and you get a free t-shirt! This place is definitely a must try and if you say Alexa sent you, they’ll… ok they won’t do anything special except for probably comment on how frequent of a visitor I am. But seriously go!

Another great place is called Bottega Florentina. This is an Italian eatery that specializes in many Italian cuisines, especially pasta. There are two locations, one on Newbury Street and the one I usually visit at Coolidge Corner in Brookline. On Tuesdays you can get any type of pasta with any type of sauce imaginable for only five dollars! I usually stick to the classic spaghetti with meat sauce but they have so many delicious options. Like Roast Beast, this place isn’t huge so service is very quick and pleasant and with every order you get fresh, homemade bread. Trust me this place will redefine all your expectations of pasta.

I promise the rest of my blogs will be more about my activities ie. (BUTV, COMlife, Intermural Basketball…) but for now I think it’s worthwhile to know some of the great food establishments that surround BU! Until next time…