Kate: Where To Get the Most Important Meal of the Day at BU

You know that saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Well while it might be true, I’ve never been one to live by this motto.  Until recently.

I’ve always been part of the camp that would rather sleep an extra 15 minutes than make a bowl of cereal.  But when I started working out with a trainer at the BU Fitness & Recreation Center, she basically told me we would have to stop working together if I didn’t start eating breakfast.  So here I am, trying to navigate my first meal options for the first time as senior in college.  I know, the most responsible.  The one advantage: I can share with you all the best places on campus to grab the most important meal of your day.

Pavement Coffee House. Previously known as Espresso Royale, Pavement owns the bagel sandwich game here on campus.  Not only do they have a variety of decently healthy options and extra fresh bagels, they also house a wonderful study space on campus that is frequently packed with students.  Go-to order: Sunrise Sandwich with sausage on a multi-grain bagel. 

Starbucks. I’m not gonna lie, coffee for breakfast is not uncommon in the college student world.  However, with the recent transition of the five (yes, five) on-campus Starbucks to the La Boulange bakery options, there are a variety of favorites that can now be heated up for your enjoyment. Go-to order: Grande iced coffee with whole milk & blueberry scone with butter.

T. Anthony’s. For those students from the tri-state area who are used to greasy diners, T. Anthony’s is the place for you.  It is also a favorite of mine for weekend morning feasts.  They have all the bases covered for those who enjoy the stacked omelette, the breakfast sandwich, and the syrup-topped specialties.  Go-to order: T’s Big Breakfast – french toast, two fried eggs, home fries, bacon, & coffee.  

Eastern Standard. ES is a big favorite among students when parent’s come to visit.  A little more expensive than the other options on this list, ES is unqiue for having an early morning breakfast option (you can thank their attachment to the Hotel Commonwealth for that) in addition to a brunch menu.  Go-to order: Breakfast Breads & Buttermilk Pancackes with Blueberry Syrup

Dining Hall. A very necessary addition to this list, the on-campus dining halls are the mecca of breakfast for the underclassman still on the meal plan diet.  With unlimited options like cereal, waffles, omelettes, and pastries, how could you go wrong? As a senior, I am always open to the gift of a guest meal by a lower classman (wink, wink). Go-to order: Waffle with a side of pizza (while you wait in line for the waffle machine more commonly known as line pizza) and bacon. 

This is obviously not an exhustive list and I’m sure I’ve missed some crowd favorites (Einstien’s and Brugers to name some honorable mentions) but just a few of my favorites.  Keep COM & Eat Breakfast.

Maria: Eat Your Way Through Boston

If you know me well, you know that I love food. I love making food, I love reading about food, but most importantly, I love eating food. Good thing for all foodies in Beantown, Boston has amazing places to eat, making it impossible to go hungry here. Whether you’re visiting BU and COM on a perspective student tour or you’re moving here, it’s good to know of some food options, because let’s face it – meals are the most important part of any day.


Eating out at restaurants can add up quickly, especially for a broke college student like myself. But when it’s a birthday, family or friends to come to visit, or you feel like splurging, it’s nice to explore new restaurants that may be on the more pricey side. Here are my favorite restaurants in Boston that are on both sides of the price spectrum (don’t worry, it’s nothing too expensive!).


Breakfast (a.k.a. my favorite meal of the day)

On the less expensive side: @Union, 174 Harvard Ave.

@Union is a small restaurant a few blocks west from BU’s West Campus. They serve breakfast all day, which is a plus for those who sleep until really late in the day, as well as lunch and dinner. All of the prices are extremely reasonable especially for the quality and quantity of the food of your meal. My suggestion: build-your-own omelet.

On the more expensive side: Stephanie’s, Newbury St.

Unfortunately Stephanie’s only serves brunch on the weekends, but it’s worth a trip. With its delicious food and decadent drinks, the menu goes beyond the typical scrambled eggs or plain French toast, also offering lunch options. And for those of you 21+, they have a huge check-list of what you’d like in a bloody Mary, with anything from shrimp to expensive vodka. My suggestion: pulled pork scramble.



On the less expensive side: Scoozi Boston (580 Commonwealth Ave.) or Scoozi Newbury (237 Newbury St.)

Scoozi is a great option for lunch, offering anything from paninis and pizza to steak and seafood – and it’s not too pricey. Choose from either its location on Newbury Street if you’re out shopping for the day of its Kenmore location if you’re on campus looking for a change in pace from the dining hall. My suggestion: steak tips panini.

On the more expensive side: Union Oyster House, 41 Union St.

The longest continuing-running restaurant in the country, Union Oyster House is a quaint oyster house located along the Freedom Trail, making it a perfect pitstop if you’re walking along the trail. You can sense how fresh the food is there by the jumbo lobster tank placed right in the front of the restaurant. Try to sit in the famous booth, where President JFK’s booth “The Kennedy Booth” sits on the top level of the old oyster house. My suggestion: any of the oysters or lobster salad roll.



On the less expensive side: Al Dente, 109 Salem St.

If you love food and you’re in Boston, you need to visit the North End. On a budget? Al Dente is a great place to stop in for dinner. You can’t go wrong with any of the delicious (and homemade!) pasta dishes. Make sure to bring an appetite, as all of the portions will fill you right up. My suggestion: gnocchi al dente.

On the more expensive side: Eastern Standard, 528 Commonwealth Ave.

Located near Scoozi Boston, Eastern Standard is a favorite steakhouse among BU students and their families. With everything from gourmet grilled cheese (I kid you not) to porterhouse, there’s something for everyone at Eastern Standard. My suggestion: seared Scottish salmon or grilled flat iron steak.


Hopefully my suggestions will serve as a helpful guide of where to eat when you’re eating out in Boston. If none of these restaurants suit your needs, you can look at Boston Magazine’s website with different restaurant suggestions. Enjoy!

Tiffany: Visiting Chef Series

Tiffany Feng
Tiffany Feng

This is a shout out to all my fellow foodies out there!

After many conversations with my fellow Terriers and friends that attend other universities, I have come to the conclusion that BU dining halls are arguable on the better half of college dorm food because it actually tastes good and offers a wide selection that include awesome burritos, mac and cheese, and custom sandwiches on a daily basis.

A few times a year the dining hall goes all out and has specialty nights such as soul food night, Chinese New Year night, and lobster night. However, my favorite time in the dining hall is during the guest chef series where dining services brings in chefs from well-known restaurants around Boston to cater all the dining halls on campus. With a simple swipe of a BU ID card, students can experience an array of flavorful foods that would normally put a hole in the broke college student’s pocket. But with the help of dining services, students can experience the delicious foods of Boston with the same ease and for the same price of any ordinary meal in the dining hall, which is already pre-paid for anyway.

In recent years, visiting chefs from Jerry Remy’s Grill in Fenway, Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square, and Maggiano’s Little Italy have provided the dining halls with quality deliciousness and filled the bellies of BU undergrads. They even try and replicate the ambiance of the respective restaurant with white linen table clothes for a nice upscale restaurant like Eastern Standard or with a man throwing out bags of cotton candy and popcorn to replicate the game day feel of Jerry Remy’s Grill. With everything from the décor to the tasty food, dining services really transforms each dining hall into a real restaurant.

Nothing is more awesome than being able to go downstairs to the dining hall in sweatpants and flip-flops and having restaurants food at the tip of your tongue, right?