Claire: Boston Taught Me to Love Sports

Listen. I’m not a sports fan. Not at all. Ask me to name almost any player… I can’t. But, sports have provided me with some of my favorite moments in college and in Boston. I mean, we are in the City of Champions after all.

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It was freshman year that I rushed over to the hockey games with my friends to cheer on the BU players. Just yesterday my friends and I were reflecting that going to these games were some of our favorite times freshman year. We didn’t care as much for the hockey as the being together and being part of BU. I’ll keep those memories with me a long time. The Beanpot is highly recommend for all BU students to go at least once.

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Sophomore year the Pats won the Super Bowl and the city went wild (let’s not discuss what happened last year). I was gathered around a screen with my closest friends. We watched tense and filled with snacks we had all contributed. And, when they won (YES!!) we cleared our schedules to go to the Patriots Parade. It was freezing and pouring at the parade but I have never felt so much a part of Boston as during those few hours.

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I’ve watched the marathon every year I’ve been in Boston and every time I tear up. I cheer on strangers, and sometimes friends (shout out CA Rachel), as they run through all kinds of weather to achieve a lifelong dream. I mean, Marmon is one of the best days of the year. If nothing else, we get class off for people to run through the city.

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While studying abroad in London over the summer I watched every game that England played from the comfort of an overcrowded pub pretending to be a local. Watching in those hot, crowded pubs were some of the best moments of my life. CA Megan and I got so invest in the games we learned all the songs and cheers. We even picked our favorite players. Shout out to Harry Kane, the fourth best Harry in England.

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And, this year the Sox are in the World Series! I’ve had the pleasure to watch a few games in Fenway, I can hear the crowds from my apartment, and I cheer them on in every game. I love seeing the city like this. Everyone is feeling the love for Bean Town. It’s lovely, and exciting, and bustling.

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Boston, I love you so much and occasionally I really like your sports too.

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Claire W: The Importance of Friendship

Today was a challenging day. You know how it gets with classes, final projects and midterms, and then I received some sad news. As I sat in my apartment trying (but failing) to collect my thoughts and be productive, my roommate, CA Megan, came home with insomnia cookies. She had also had a tough few days, so I made her favorite muffins that she eats every morning so that she wouldn’t have to worry about it after her night class. We sat on our futon (Barb), ate cookies, promising that we will get through this together, and everything felt a little better. And that’s why, as Megan would say, I love friendship.

The friendships I have made at BU have made all the difference for my experience at BU. Even with all of the wonderful classes, faculty, and stellar opportunities, my friends will always be the best thing BU has given me. It’s the small efforts we make for each other – ensuring one another that we’re not alone during these crazy few years – that mean so much.

I heard another CA say at open house last Saturday, you could make your best friends in college at orientation or half-way through sophomore year, and both are okay. I couldn’t agree more. One of my closest friends I met during FYSOP, and others I only got to know a few months ago. Some of the best moments of my life have been spent with these people, and I am so grateful for that.

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and meet some of my friends again. Like CA Tyler, who I don’t really know when or how we became friends. I think we both just knew immediately that we were going to have a long and wonderful friendship. He’s been my shoulder to cry on in the dining hall of all places, but also makes me laugh more than anyone else can. Other friendships took longer to form, like Megan who is now glued to my hip, but who I knew for a full year before realizing that she was my friendship soulmate.

In conclusion, take this Buzzfeed quiz about toast to find out what kind of friend you are:

I got the ‘Mum Friend’, which I feel is both right and wrong. I don’t really know. Anyway, go hug your friends close, let them know you love them, and if they are having a bad day buy them some insomnia because chocolate chip cookies can solve nearly anything. And, if you are an accepted or perspective student buckle up to meet your friendship soulmates.

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Claire W: Looking on the Bright Side of March

I really hate March. And, I don’t think I’m alone in this. Objectively, it’s probably the worst month. Every year when March rolls around I sigh heavily and wish that I could hibernate until the month is over, cue “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” but with March.  I mean really… It’s a month chalk full of dramatic weather fluctuations, midterms, and never enough sleeping. But, as we near to the end of the month, I think I’ve found a handful of things about March that actually do bring me some joy.

1. Spring Break

Obviously, this is the best part of every March! It’s a week to escape to a warmer climate or spend some time exploring Boston sans homework and classes. Spring Break gives us all hope that summer is indeed on the horizon. This spring break I road tripped with my best friend, CA Megan, from my home in Utah to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It felt oh so good to have sand between my toes on a sunny LA afternoon. This alone is reason enough to look forward to March.


  1. St. Patrick’s Day

Boston is the place to be during St. Patrick’s Day! There is so much Irish spirit all around. This year, I explored the South End before heading to Southie for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Next year, grab some friends, deck yourselves out in green, and enjoy the parade. This is also a great time just to walk around the city because everyone is in a festive mood!



  1. Snow Days

A cup of hot chocolate, blankets, and Netflix as the snow falls outside is my idea of heaven. It means catching up on much-needed sleep, practicing some self-care and finding some new Netflix shows. Lying in bed all day? Don’t mind if I do.


  1. Pi Day

This is such an underrated day. I love making pie, eating pie, and occasionally I even like doing math. This year, I made a lemon pie with a gingersnap crust that made me tear up it was so delicious. Pi Day just makes people happy.


  1. Connecting with Friends

People always want to connect in March, making it a great time for friendship. A few days ago, my friend CA Claudia hosted a Persian New Year for a bunch of her friends that was so fun. I learned about another culture, ate yummy food, and caught up with some of my favorite people. March is a lot more bearable when you surround yourself with people you love.

 So, next time March rolls around don’t fret! This drab month doesn’t have to be so gloomy. That being said, next March if all goes to plan I will be studying in sunny Los Angeles, so this might be my last frigid March for quite a while *single tear*.