Carlee: The FUTURE IS SCARY! My tips for embracing the unknown

By: Carlee Campuzano

The Future is Scary! Tips for Embracing the Unknown

As I get ready to graduate next month (wow, I can’t believe it), and bid my farewell to a place I know and love so much, I’m picking up on a common energy that a lot of seniors tend to feel around this time: fear. Even though this is such an exciting time for us- we have so much to look forward to!!!- the dread of the unknown can feel overbearing, especially during the pandemic. 

Some of the questions that float around in the back of our minds: What if I can’t find a job? Where will I live? What if I don’t have any friends around me? What will I do if I end up absolutely hating my job? And if you are just entering college, these questions may look a little different, but a similar worry might be there. Luckily there are plenty of ways to help ourselves find reassurance, regain confidence, and get ready to take on all that’s going to come our way. Here are some tips to help!

Replace fear with curiosity

Instead of thinking about how worried you may be, try reframing that fear to think about how curious you are about what’s to come, too. We are going to meet so many cool people, build new skills, and have awesome experiences that we’d never expect to have. It’s going to be an adventure! And adventures, although scary, always come with rewards. Jumping into it with curiosity can give us the positive mindset we need to push the fear aside and just get excited.

Focus on the present moment

Sometimes getting lost in the worries of what’s to come take us out of the present moment, but really, the present is what we have and know for sure! Try focusing your attention on the now. Mindfulness and “being present” help our brains form thoughts in a more intentional and meaningful way rather than an automatic way, which is when worry tends to creep in.

Don’t resist the change

When life throws change at us, it’s really easy to try to resist it, push the thought of it away, or fall into denial that it’s happening. I’m not graduating – what are you talking about?! If that happens, ask yourself what it is exactly you are resisting and why that may be, helping confront any of those hidden fears. Change may come with challenges, but as humans we’re adaptable and capable of facing them, and they help us grow! There’s a quote out there by an MIT professor Peter Senge that says, “People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!” So, what he’s saying: with change comes growth. Let’s welcome it!

Trust yourself

This one is important. We are so much more resourceful than we make ourselves out to be. Reminding yourself of all of your strengths can help with the reassurance that you got this. The future may be scary, but with all that you have to offer, you’re set.

And, lastly, know that you haven’t met everyone who is going to love you yet

So much is in store for you! ❤️  So go embrace the unknown.

Carlee: Sitcoms to Add Some Life to Quarantine

If you’ve been like me and many other COM students during quarantine, TV has become a bit of a safe haven. Whether you watch for entertainment, as an escape mechanism, or just to relax at the end of the day, a good TV show can really make all the difference in our stay-at-home lifestyles.

These past few months, I have been watching a lot of sitcoms in particular -- and it truly doesn’t get any better. Sitcoms might just be the best genre on TV. They’re usually only 20-minute episodes, so they aren’t a big commitment, and their humor and fun characters bring laughter and joy to any day. 

But what happens when you run out of things to watch? You just finished a show that you loved, and you don’t think any other will be able to replace it in your heart (I may have experienced this when I finished Schitt’s Creek). You scroll through your streaming service’s home page, but nothing seems appealing. You wish someone could just tell you what to watch...

That’s where I come in. Here is a list of some of my favorite sitcoms and more to spice up your streaming watch lists. 

Schitt’s Creek

Where to watch: Netflix

Watch if: you want to actually laugh out loud or you love well-developed, overly-dramatic characters (I might be a bit biased)


Where to watch: Netflix, Hulu

Watch if: you like meta-humor and a great ensemble cast

New Girl

Where to watch: Netflix

Watch if: you love a quirky female protagonist and/or you’re a romantic


Where to watch: HBO Max

Watch if: you want a comedy that addresses social issues and really appeals to your feelings

Broad City

Where to watch: Hulu

Watch if: you’re a feminist, love comedy, and love NYC (aka Ilana Glazier). I will always recommend Broad City


Where to watch: Hulu

Watch if: you love cringe comedy or a classic middle school throwback

Parks and Rec

Where to watch: Peacock

Watch if: you haven’t already seen it ten times or you’re in need of a Leslie Knope pep talk

Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

Where to watch: HBO Max

Watch if: you’re looking for a relatable comedy about young adulthood

Arrested Development

Where to watch: Netflix

Watch if: you’re a fan of handheld camera styles and dry humor


Carlee: Unpopular Opinion – Boston is a Better City Than London (Or it Could Be, Hear Me Out)

Last semester, I studied abroad in London, England, and I loved every second of it. The city was such a fun city to live in with an incredible variety of things to see and do. It has a culture like no other, the parks are beautiful, and the biscuits are to die for.

London Eye Gif

By the time I made it back to Boston, I had a lot of time to reflect on my experience with London, everything that I saw there, and how the city made me feel. I love both cities so much, but my soul was leaning towards favoring the city that we call home.

At my internship this past week, I was asked to research local chefs and the restaurant scene in Boston. My findings led me to understand that Bostonians tend to think of each other in a lot that they do, building a strong sense of community. Each neighborhood of the city has its own way of giving back to the community, whether that be through family events, food drives, or climate action plans. There’s more of a sense of family amongst Bostonians, and we see that for ourselves every year on Patriots Day, or when the Pats win the Super Bowl (although not the greatest thing to celebrate in my opinion).

Boston Strong Gif

Boston could be the better city for some to call home simply because of these two reasons:

  1. There’s that feeling of community (it’s family-friendly and makes the neighborhoods feel like home)
  2. It’s a compact city (you can walk or bike pretty much anywhere, and everything you need is within reach)

London, on the other hand, might be a bit overwhelming in size. I was there for four months, and I still did not get to everything on my bucket list. The size of London is definitely one of its beauties, though, as is its impressive variety of museums, mild weather, and smooth public transportation. Unfortunately, for some reason it didn’t give me this warm and fuzzy feeling that I feel in other places of the world.

So, this isn’t really about the city itself, it’s about the feeling. I know I could feel this way because I experienced London temporarily, as an outsider, and Boston is more familiar to me. Maybe I’m also only saying this because the view of the beautiful Boston skyline out of my StuVi 1 window has been feeding my soul. Plus, I have seen Boston in the summer when it transforms into a magical hub of lush green life, and I saw London in the fall, with winter fast approaching. There are a lot of factors.

Although it took me a bit to realize, I adore Boston. I’m actually from Philadelphia, which is up there on the list of greatest cities in the world, but that’s an argument for another day. After spending months in both London and Boston, they both truly have a special piece of my heart, but Boston took a bit bigger of a piece. I love it here, and I’m feeling so lucky to have been able to explore my passions in both places.

All the love, Boston. 🙂

Carlee: It’s Okay if You Aren’t Ahead of the Game

I am currently in my junior fall semester, and I just started my first internship this week.

I’m ABROAD, too!!! As a junior, I always felt so much pressure during my past semesters to have an internship, especially while getting my education in a school as hard-working and career-devoted as COM. The environment in COM is definitely motivating, and I love that about it, but at times it can lead to feelings of falling a little behind. I’m here to shed some light on waiting to get your first internship and why that worked out best for me and my career plan. At the end of the day, we all move at different paces and follow our own path!

I was super busy with extracurriculars

During my past two school years, I always found myself insanely busy with on-campus activities. I know that if I did each of my extracurriculars plus classes plus an internship, I would feel overwhelmed and wouldn’t be able to enjoy life as much; I most likely would have had to give up one or two of my activities. Because of the relevant experience I gained from those extracurriculars, I still have cool things to plug on my resume, even without an internship. BU students are honestly superheroes – we’re always on the grind!!

I’m a double major

You know what they say – classes always come first. I took two classes this past summer, during the same session, and doing that left little room for an internship. They crammed a full semester’s load of work into 5 weeks! With those classes I also worked with BU orientation as a sustainability ambassador and made such heart-warming memories, so sometimes valuable experiences can lead to as much personal growth as an internship would. This summer schedule also allowed me to work to save money for abroad, too!

I’ll still graduate having at least three-four internships under my belt.

Compared to other schools, three-four internships are a lot! Many students across the country graduate having worked about one or two, so we are lucky that BU gives us the foundation to work more. Now that I’m a few days into my first internship, I do already know that I love working. I’m feeling very excited for my future internships and very happy to have finally stepped foot in the career world!

We really do all move through life according to  whatever works best for us, and the beautiful thing about humanity is that we’re all unique in our own ways. Also, if you are currently a junior and haven’t had an internship yet, please don’t let this stress you out about it; you’re all good! What matters most is that we enjoy whatever we’re doing, because before we know it, we’ll be saying our final goodbyes to COM.

Carlee: Keeping Your Zen Through the Start of a New Semester

Jumping back in to a fast-paced, packed schedule after a relaxing four-week winter break is not exactly the easiest adjustment. We are so lucky that BU gives us a generous amount of time to recharge and do as we please; however, the lengthy break does make us miss our precious free time even more as we bid that freedom farewell and begin to face long syllabi, immediate assigned readings and projects, club meetings, and long to-do lists.

The start of a new semester is loads of fun, of course; you get to reunite with your friends and hear all about their adventures over break (or abroad, if they’re returning), and you get to say hello again to the place that pushes you to be the best, most hardworking version of yourself: COM! But, mixing the fun parts and the not-so-fun parts of the start of a new semester can lead to stress and feeling overwhelmed; you have to allow your body and mind to adjust to being in “work mode” again.

To destress, keep or find your Zen, and live your best life this semester, try practicing some of the following little tips!

Make time for yourself

See what it’s like to be a morning person for a day or two; sometimes the quiet hours of the morning can bring you the most positive thoughts, inspiration, and peace. Another thing you can try is simply taking a walk outside, and no, I don’t mean down Commonwealth Avenue. Travel off the beaten path; visit the Esplanade, the Boston Common, or the Public Garden. Try to be present in the moment as you walk, admire the little things around you, and kiss the Earth with your feet as you walk (as some wise man once said). It’s fun and rewarding!

Practice self-care

Try your best to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, and stay fit! (Something that I am seriously trying to work on this semester). Try journaling!  Figure out what works best for you to nurture your body and soul.

Stay organized

Ah, the key to eliminating stress through the semester. Take note of your due dates listed on your syllabi and update your planner regularly. Keep your living space clean and tidy, too! Have you seen the new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? She is a queen.

Call home

Practice gratitude and tell your family how much you appreciate their love and support. Hearing from you once in a while will make them feel good, too!

Step away from clubs/activities that mess with your headspace

This one is so important in college. Take note on how each of your activities makes you feel and how you think about them. Do you dread going to the meetings or do you find that it’s something that you look forward to? Do you enjoy spending time with everyone else involved in the organization?

Have fun

You’re only in college once; enjoy every moment and live it up. J

Yes, a lot of these are common sense, but in the mix-up of our very busy lives, we often forget about little things that could better our wellbeing.  Following these practices has helped me in the past, and I truly believe that they could benefit any student in one way or another. About 80% of college students will agree to feeling stressed in their day-to-day lives, so try putting yourself first this semester- you deserve it!


Carlee: How to Survive Overlapping Due Dates During Finals Season

As a student in COM, I don’t always have final exams at the end of the semester.  It’s the final projects that kill me, and they are always due right around the time of our last week of classes

Coming into the last month of the semester, I thought I would be swamped and overwhelmed with all of the things that I need to do and deadlines that I had to meet. However, it is now the last week of classes and I am getting everything that I need to turned in all while getting enough sleep each night. It feels great and it is manageable!

 If you find yourself in a similar situation with so many assignments and overlapping due dates, here are some tips to help get those projects done and stay as stress-free as possible.

  1. Plan plan plan!
    Planning definitely is the first step to staying organized around finals season. Make lists and utilize your planner and calendar. Keep track of what is due on each date, so that when those dates approach, you haven’t forgotten about them and you feel prepared. A planner really is a COM student’s best friend!
  2.  Set goals (and make sure they’re realistic!)

    Set a different day aside each week to work on a certain project or essay. Dedicating the time to work on your assignments helps you stay organized and in control, but I know that it can be challenging.

    I struggle with this the one the most; I set goals easily, but sticking to them always gets me. It’s hard to stick to your goals when a new Netflix show comes out that you’ve been dying to binge or an extracurricular of yours is hosting a big event. You just have to prioritize and be realistic! Set time aside for both your assignment and your Netflix show. You’ll deserve the breaks if you get some work done!

  3.   Try to work on each project a little bit each week leading up to its deadline
    I know it’s easier said than done, but really, having a little bit of your project done before you officially get to working on it will make you feel better about it in the end. You’ll know that you have at least some of it done, and you’ll have an idea of which direction to go from there. You never want to put yourself in a situation where it’s the week your assignment is due, and you still have no idea what you want to do for it. I know it happens to the best of us once in a while, but if you can step in and prevent that from happening, take advantage of it!

  4. Ask for an extension if you know you’ll need it

    If you think that your overlapping due dates really will be a concern for you and your wellbeing, ask your professor for an extension! Professors can be a lot more understanding than you may think, and that includes the scary professors, too.

    I had a ten-page paper due amidst other projects, such as a short film, a Spanish essay and an exam, and another lengthy essay. It was also tech week for a musical that I assistant produced, so I knew I was very limited with time. I asked my professor for an extension of a couple days because I knew that my paper would really benefit from it. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors; you’ll feel so relieved to have that extra time if you need it.

    So, it’s the night before you have two big projects due, and neither of them are finished…

    What do you do?!

     You take a deep breath, have some caffeine, and tell yourself that you got this, because you are amazing and capable of taking on any challenge!

     We love challenging ourselves here in COM, and that’s really all that finals season is: a challenge. If you stay organized and practice selfcare, you can take on any challenge. Embrace the hustle of being a college student, and go get things done! I believe in you! 🙂

Carlee: Why FYSOP is the Perfect Way to Kick Off Your Fall Semester

 Move-in weekend can be a lot all at once.  You run into yellow carts all over campus, a ton of social interaction (which can be overwhelming for an introvert, or an ambivert like myself), the search for time to decorate your room and settle in, the task of memorizing your schedule for fall classes that will start in a couple days, hello and goodbye hugs everywhere- it’s definitely a lot at once.  If you had a summer that was more on the chill side (like I did), jumping right back into the hustle and bustle of BU can be rough.  If you’re looking to get acclimated to campus life a little earlier, and you have a passion for social justice, I have a solution for you…


For those of you who have never heard of ~FYSOP~, the acronym stands for First-Year Student Outreach Project, and the program is conducted through BU’s Community Service Center annually the weeks before the fall semester kicks off.  This year was the program’s 29th FYSOP, and as a sophomore, it was my second year participating in the program.  Last year I participated as a first-year student, and this year, I volunteered as a staff leader and had a group of freshmen of my own.

 FYSOP is truly everything that you could ask for from a program (if you find it’s for you); it introduces you to new friends who are just as enthusiastic and passionate as you are, it enlightens you on all of the problem areas of Boston, and it allows you to give back to our city as a thank you for welcoming us as students.  The theme for FYSOP this year was: What’s your story?  So basically, the theme was storytelling… how COM is that?!  We love storytelling in both COM and FYSOP, so those two worlds collided for me.  The program encouraged us to have conversations with the residents of Boston, learn their stories, and discover our own.  FYSOP got us all thinking about our stories and experiences that we bring to BU- they’re all different and unique, and that’s what makes our student body special.

If you’re reading this as an incoming freshman, I could not emphasize the benefits of FYSOP more.  The program teaches you everything that you’d wanna know about your new city and it gives you a solid group of companions to dive into your first semester with, as well as a few mentors (your staff leaders)!  If you’re reading this as a continuing BU student and have ever considered getting involved with FYSOP, I highly recommend that you apply for a staff leader position this winter.  If you’re interested in both leadership and community service, FYStaff is perfect for you.  I had the best experience as a staff leader; my fellow co-staff were so incredible and kind, and they are truly some of the best at BU.  My group of first years were so much fun, and they bonded right off the bat.  The days of FYSOP are long ones, but the people you’re surrounded with make it so worthwhile.

No lie, as I am writing this in the GSU, I hear the table next to me talking about how much they loved FYSOP and how great their staff leaders were.  They’re even talking about a FYSOP reunion that they’re attending this weekend.  You’ll hear all over campus about how FYSOP can bring such light to students’ lives, and they aren’t wrong.  I understand that FYSOP may not be for everyone, but for those who find themselves ready to devote themselves to a program of such integrity and morality, this could be a home for you.

Yes, there are a lot of obnoxious cheers to pump all of the students up, and yes, you may have to find the motivation to take on the long days, but the program truly is the best way to kick off your fall semester, and it is a ton of fun.  Some even say that FYSOP is a cult on campus, but I find that it is a happy, open-minded cult. J

 The program set me up for my sophomore year here at BU and in COM, as I know feel motivated to understand the stories of those around me, escape the “BU bubble” and explore Boston more, and strengthen the friendships and connections that I made from freshmen year.  FYSOP could do the same for you, too!


Carlee: Which COM club should you join this semester?!

Take this quiz to find out which club is best for you! Whether you are looking for a new club to join or simply want to see which COM club suits you best, answer these 10 questions for a result!

1. You have an hour to kill in between classes, what do you do with your time

a. Grab a bite at the dining hall or the GSU to meet up with friends!

b. Watch an episode of the series I am currently binging

c. Catch up on some school work or check my social media accounts to see what’s going on

d. Call my parents because I love talking to them!


2. How concerned are you with the way you dress?

a. Very concerned

b. Only a little concerned

c. I dress to impress when I find it necessary

d. I don’t care how I look as long as I feel good


3. Most of your friends in COM are studying…

a. Public Relations/Advertising

b. Film & TV

c. Journalism

d. Mass Communications


4. You have a WHOLE day to yourself (unusual, I know); how do you spend your day?

a. Taking the T to Newbury for some good food and shopping

b. Going to the movies to see those two Academy Award-nominated films I’ve been dying to see

c. Visiting some or the historic, fun locations around Boston (like The Boston Public Library, the Boston Common, Faneuil Hall, etc.)

d. Anything that my friends are down to do with me!


5. What is your favorite media platform for storytelling?

a. Social media

b. Film

c. Print

d. Music


6. .What is the first TV show you flip to when you’re browsing through channels?

a. Gilmore Girls, Friends, Jane the Virgin, or the Bachelor!

b. Whatever is all the rage at the moment (Big Little Lies, How to Get Away with Murder, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, etc.)

c. The news for sure

d. The Office, Parks and Recreation, or any great comedy!


7. Your professor assigns you a paper to write and you can write about anything you’d like; what topic would you choose?

a. Lifestyle (travel, food, or anything else that I love)

b. The plot of one of my favorite movies; I have so much to say

c. Trump’s latest decision regarding immigration

d. I could see myself writing about anything, so whatever is on my mind this week!


8. What is your favorite app?

a. Twitter

b. Netflix

c. Facebook

d. Spotify


9. Which study-abroad location would you choose through COM?

a. London

b. Los Angeles

c. Dublin

d. Sydney


Your COM soulmate is...

a. Attractive, kind, and adventurous

b. Artsy and has a lot in common with myself

c. Woke!

d. Friendly and can talk about the meaning of life with me

Mostly A’s

Your talents would be very appreciated at the BU Buzz! This group of people is so fun to hang around with all while writing about the beautiful things in life. From campus to wellness, this magazine just about covers it all. They would love to have your spontaneous and positive attitude on their team. The mag’s content expands to various forms of multimedia also, producing year-round content on their website along with one printed version each semester. In their words, “The Buzz is more than a magazine; it's a vehicle that embodies Boston University's population by showcasing work that is completely student produced and student run.” Check them out at!

Mostly B’s

You should so join a BUTV10 show, or if you are already involved, partake in another! BUTV10 would appreciate your enthusiasm for the craft of storytelling as well as your openness to learn everything you need to know about tech equipment! You would have the time of your life getting to explore the endless possibilities through one of the shows on the network. Offering shows in news, drama, sports, comedy, and lifestyle, BUTV10 has something for everyone. Your talents and your passion could surely find a home here. Explore all that BUTV10 has to offer at!

Mostly C’s

The Daily Free Press would surely welcome your skills with open arms. This independent student newspaper would put your talents to great use, with your keen eye for newsworthiness and outstanding creativity. “The Freep” covers news, sports, opinions, and other columns while establishing a professional atmosphere for its writers. Since the paper publishes digitally every day and in print every Thursday, you will also stay completely up to date on important events throughout Boston and internationally. The Daily Free Press would love your integrity. Read up on some of their stories at!

Mostly D’s

WTBU radio would LOVE to have you. You are such a fun person to hang out with and any show on air would be lucky to have you. Broadcasting live 20 hours a day, this radio station will always give you something to talk about on air. Howard Stern himself worked as a DJ on the station in the ‘70s. Anything is possible with WTBU. From interviews, to live music, to discussions, to the news, there is always something to listen to and join in on in the WTBU station. Members make lifelong friends here, and your bright personality and enthusiasm would be a fabulous fit. Listen in at!


I created this quiz because I truly love all that COM has to offer, and what better way to highlight these amazing, fun, co-curricular activities than by creating a very Buzzfeed-like quiz? I know everyone can appreciate a Buzzfeed quiz from time to time. I often find myself taking random online quizzes instead of studying, because quizzes are clearly the more fun option; you can learn a lot about yourself through a simple Buzzfeed quiz and this is the truth. If you are not already involved in any of these COM-oriented clubs, I highly recommend it!! I have heard nothing but great things about each of these four clubs included in the results. If you are reading this and you are already involved in any of these clubs, I’m sure you cannot deny that you love it. Even if you are not a COM student, all of these clubs will welcome you. I hope you all have the time of your life this semester in your co-curriculars and beyond!


CA Disclaimer: This is only a small sampling of the great clubs COM has. Check them out here!