Carlee: The FUTURE IS SCARY! My tips for embracing the unknown

By: Carlee Campuzano

The Future is Scary! Tips for Embracing the Unknown

As I get ready to graduate next month (wow, I can’t believe it), and bid my farewell to a place I know and love so much, I’m picking up on a common energy that a lot of seniors tend to feel around this time: fear. Even though this is such an exciting time for us- we have so much to look forward to!!!- the dread of the unknown can feel overbearing, especially during the pandemic. 

Some of the questions that float around in the back of our minds: What if I can’t find a job? Where will I live? What if I don’t have any friends around me? What will I do if I end up absolutely hating my job? And if you are just entering college, these questions may look a little different, but a similar worry might be there. Luckily there are plenty of ways to help ourselves find reassurance, regain confidence, and get ready to take on all that’s going to come our way. Here are some tips to help!

Replace fear with curiosity

Instead of thinking about how worried you may be, try reframing that fear to think about how curious you are about what’s to come, too. We are going to meet so many cool people, build new skills, and have awesome experiences that we’d never expect to have. It’s going to be an adventure! And adventures, although scary, always come with rewards. Jumping into it with curiosity can give us the positive mindset we need to push the fear aside and just get excited.

Focus on the present moment

Sometimes getting lost in the worries of what’s to come take us out of the present moment, but really, the present is what we have and know for sure! Try focusing your attention on the now. Mindfulness and “being present” help our brains form thoughts in a more intentional and meaningful way rather than an automatic way, which is when worry tends to creep in.

Don’t resist the change

When life throws change at us, it’s really easy to try to resist it, push the thought of it away, or fall into denial that it’s happening. I’m not graduating – what are you talking about?! If that happens, ask yourself what it is exactly you are resisting and why that may be, helping confront any of those hidden fears. Change may come with challenges, but as humans we’re adaptable and capable of facing them, and they help us grow! There’s a quote out there by an MIT professor Peter Senge that says, “People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!” So, what he’s saying: with change comes growth. Let’s welcome it!

Trust yourself

This one is important. We are so much more resourceful than we make ourselves out to be. Reminding yourself of all of your strengths can help with the reassurance that you got this. The future may be scary, but with all that you have to offer, you’re set.

And, lastly, know that you haven’t met everyone who is going to love you yet

So much is in store for you! ❤️  So go embrace the unknown.

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