Carlee: It’s Okay if You Aren’t Ahead of the Game

I am currently in my junior fall semester, and I just started my first internship this week.

I’m ABROAD, too!!! As a junior, I always felt so much pressure during my past semesters to have an internship, especially while getting my education in a school as hard-working and career-devoted as COM. The environment in COM is definitely motivating, and I love that about it, but at times it can lead to feelings of falling a little behind. I’m here to shed some light on waiting to get your first internship and why that worked out best for me and my career plan. At the end of the day, we all move at different paces and follow our own path!

I was super busy with extracurriculars

During my past two school years, I always found myself insanely busy with on-campus activities. I know that if I did each of my extracurriculars plus classes plus an internship, I would feel overwhelmed and wouldn’t be able to enjoy life as much; I most likely would have had to give up one or two of my activities. Because of the relevant experience I gained from those extracurriculars, I still have cool things to plug on my resume, even without an internship. BU students are honestly superheroes – we’re always on the grind!!

I’m a double major

You know what they say – classes always come first. I took two classes this past summer, during the same session, and doing that left little room for an internship. They crammed a full semester’s load of work into 5 weeks! With those classes I also worked with BU orientation as a sustainability ambassador and made such heart-warming memories, so sometimes valuable experiences can lead to as much personal growth as an internship would. This summer schedule also allowed me to work to save money for abroad, too!

I’ll still graduate having at least three-four internships under my belt.

Compared to other schools, three-four internships are a lot! Many students across the country graduate having worked about one or two, so we are lucky that BU gives us the foundation to work more. Now that I’m a few days into my first internship, I do already know that I love working. I’m feeling very excited for my future internships and very happy to have finally stepped foot in the career world!

We really do all move through life according to  whatever works best for us, and the beautiful thing about humanity is that we’re all unique in our own ways. Also, if you are currently a junior and haven’t had an internship yet, please don’t let this stress you out about it; you’re all good! What matters most is that we enjoy whatever we’re doing, because before we know it, we’ll be saying our final goodbyes to COM.

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