Laura: What Can Happen in a Semester?

Every semester at BU is just as memorable as the next, but something about this semester felt different from the other two I have experienced. As a sophomore, I admittedly did a lot of reflecting on how much has changed since my first ever semester here last fall. I came to Boston this year reminiscing on memories of last year, recognizing that it was no longer going to be my first time doing everything. Woah I actually know how to get around the city, and how to use my dining points efficiently, and where the quietest study spots are (during finals do not go to Mugar- try finding a classroom in the law building!) I adjusted more quickly and looking back on all of the amazing memories a lot did happen this semester!

Here is a quick peek into what my life was like this fall: 

  • I got a library card at the Coolidge Corner Library and definitely recommend it.  
  • I fell getting out of the shower (Yup! Just slipped right out!)
  • I lived with seven friends. Very fun but equally loud and crazy.
  • I went to the synagogue in Brookline with my family for the Jewish high holidays.
  • I got offered my dream internship for the spring 2018 semester at an advertising agency. 
  • I witnessed not one, not two, but THREE weddings in front of the Boston Public Library.
  • I worked on two projects in Ad Club, one as an account executive where we worked on rebranding and one as a copywriter where I made mail templates to be sent out to students.
  • I saw Bleachers in concert at the House of Blues!
  • I started watching This is Us…. all the tears, I know, I asked for this. 
  • I celebrated the one year anniversary of when I met my boyfriend.
  • I went to Dry Bar for the first time and did not like it!!! 
  • I participated in a dance marathon for the Boston Children’s Hospital.
  • I tried oysters for the first time and discovered my favorite new restaurant: Saltie Girl.
  • I lost connections with a few of my good friends from freshman year but formed deep connections with the ones that I still had. I also formed deeper relationships with people who were just acquaintances in the past. 
  • I took my favorite class: Introduction to Creative Writing (CAS EN 202) where my professor always encouraged us to push ourselves in our writing and try new things.
  • I thought my friend Lexi broke my funny bone. She didn’t I am okay people.
  • I went to the Waterfront and Seaport for the first time.
  • I invented a new product for S’well for my COM 331 class. Shark tank here I come?

But as fun as all of these moments were, I noticed an over-arching theme this semester. 

I think I really grew up (woah, what, what is happening). 

Even when I would call my mom on the phone she would mention, “You have matured so much in these past few months! How did that happen?”

I honestly have no clue, but I think it has something to do with it being my second year and not my first. The pressure of making friends is no longer a worry of mine, I understand what it takes to get good grades and I have a lot of practice in time management and balancing everything I want to accomplish. Maybe something that made me become “more adult” is the way that I prioritized finding an internship and using my go-getter attitude to go for, and ultimately accept, my dream internship. I think any nerves I had about networking or simply talking to super-adulty (Laura, c’mon you’re telling us you’re an adult and you’re using the word “adulty”) professional people have evaporated, because I have realized for once that I’ve got this! 

And you do too. It might take time, but I cannot believe how much growth I have accomplished in just one semester and I think that I can only continue to grow if I keep pushing myself here at BU.

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