Daera: The Best Study Spots on Campus

With finals coming up, I wanted to take the time to share some of my favorite study spots around campus. Just make sure you leave a seat for me if you decide to check them out!

5. Kilachand First Floor Lounge
This is one of my favorite spots on campus for lots of reasons. First off, it’s a very clean cut and modern space. Sometimes, getting into the mindset of studying just takes being in the right spot. For me, that means the right temperature and a plethora of comfortable seating and table spaces. This lounge has couches, a fake fireplace, lots of tables, and a plethora of outlets. Plus, Kilachand is the honors college, so there’s definitely lots of brain power floating around the

8/27/13 -- Boston, MA Kilachand Hall August 27, 2013. Photo by Cydney Scott for Boston University Photography

4. Marciano Commons
I know what you’re thinking, food is the ultimate distraction, but hear me out on this one. Marciano is one of the greatest dining halls in the nation and has great atmosphere. I don’t know about you guys, but I need to snack while I do work and there’s an abundance of food (which is healthy at that) at your fingertips in the dining hall. Another plus: outlets everywhere. Usually, you’ll find me camped out towards the back of the first floor if you want to stop by and say hello.


3. Mugar 4th Floor
This isn’t exactly a secret spot by any measure, but I think it’s often overlooked. A lot of people hype up the second or third floor, but the fourth floor is by far the best. As you go higher up, the library gets quieter and for me the fourth floor has just enough noise to function. My favorite feature about this floor has to be the long communal tables! Not only do they have lots of outlets and chairs, but having other people in such close proximity helps you feel like you’re all holding each other accountable for doing work.
2. COM Lounge
Before I get into the benefits of COM lounge, let me give you all a strong piece of advice: get swipe access to COM the moment you matriculate. It gives you access to COM ~after hours~ (aka nights and weekends). Especially around finals season, the lounge empties out because most COM students have projects instead of finals. The lounge is not just great during finals; all the amenities are still there during the normal semester, but they’re a little more crowded than usual.
1. Theology Library
I don’t even remember when I found out about this spot, but I’m glad I did. Not only are there cubicles throughout, but in the back there’s lots of tables and tons of natural light. It’s in a great spot on campus, too, because of how central it is. When I was taking my religion class, it was a great space to focus on the topics at hand. It’s a very warm and inviting space and the tables and cubicles are both large enough to comfortably spread it. It’s a little more quiet than some of the
other places on the list, but even if you don’t like quiet, you should give the space a try.


(footage of me putting in work in these spaces for the next few weeks)

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