Laura: So Much to Miss in Boston

Next semester, I will be traveling abroad to Sydney, Australia for Boston University’s internship program! I will be flying for approximately 21 hours to the land of beaches, kangaroos, and vegemite and saying goodbye to some American, and specifically Boston, staples. In memoriam of being away from those things for four months, I have composed a list of the things I will miss most while I am down under: 

  1. Trader Joe’s
    This is number one for a reason. I will miss the convenience of shopping at the Coolidge Corner store every week and the cauliflower rice!
  2. Marathon Monday
  3. T. Anthony’s Pizzeria 
  4. Picco pizza (I really like pizza, can you tell?)
  5. Studying on the 3rd or 6th floor of Mugar
  6. Going to the Boston Public Library to pick up books to read 
  7. The view from the 26th floor of Stuvi2
  8. American-specific content on Netflix (aka The Office)
  9. Lemonade
    Apparently ordering lemonade isn’t really a thing in Australia, the closest thing is Sprite.
  10. Flywheel classes in the Prudential
  11. Ketchup
    If there is one thing to know about me, I put ketchup on everything. Apparently, if I want ketchup in Australia I will have to ask for “tomato sauce,” but then what am I supposed to do if I actually want tomato sauce!? 
  12. Matcha lattes from the Pavement coffeehouse on Commonwealth Ave 
  13. Walking from my dorm in West campus to class in East campus each day 
  14.  FitRec
  15. Running the COM open house in April with my fellow COM Ambassadors
  16. The leaves changing on Bay State Road

Short list of things I will not miss: Snow and hearing everyone talk about Tom Brady. 

I will miss my friends, family, and Boston University as a whole more than anything (even more than Trader Joe’s). Boston University has prepared me to take a leap of faith and travel across the world and I know that I am prepared for this journey of a lifetime. I will be back soon Boston, don’t you forget about me! 

Laura: My Love Letter to Boston

Dear Boston, 

I love you, a lot. You are so beautiful and never cease to amaze me. I feel so lucky to call you my home, not only because you are much cleaner, quieter and cozier than the Big Apple, but because you have brought me endless joy. 

You are so much more than Commonwealth Avenue. 

You are the walk into Kenmore coming home from a night at Fenway Park, when everyone is wearing their red and navy blue singing Sweet Caroline. You are the gorgeous brownstones of Beacon Hill. You are the Boston Public Library in Copley Square, the Hood Milk statue in the Seaport, and the lit up swings on the Lawn on D in Southie. You house the tourists at Faneuil Hall, the best shopping on Newbury Street and have some of the most magnificent sunsets I have ever seen. 

You have granted me with some of my best memories. Whether it is taking a walk on the esplanade, trying my favorite ice-cream at the Boston Public Market or going to a concert at the Orpheum, thank you for all of it.

And don’t even get me started on the food! The first time I ever tried oysters was right here in the South End and I even ate blowfish tails at the Elliot Hotel. I would be incomplete without matcha lattes from the Boston Brewin Co. and frozen yogurt from Cafe 472. 

I love you for all you have given me thus far and I know I am bound to learn even more from you in the future. Because of you I met some of my best friends, achieved some of my proudest moments and have grown each day.

Most of all, I love you for being my home. I’m not sure where I will end up in the future but I know that every other city I will ever live in will have some tough competition. 

Love, Laura

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