Lilah: What to do when it seems like there’s too much to do and you can’t do any of it

Take a walk

One of my favorite things to do is to walk (or jog, depending on how many wild turkeys are chasing me) through Brookline. It’s adjacent to South campus, and there are some magnificent houses. If your mom raised you like mine, checking out some sweet real estate is as good as watching TV! You can imagine yourself living in these mansions, and leave work at home for a minute. Taking a walk really is the best way to clear your head. You can listen to music, or just hear the birds chirping in this beautiful suburban neighborhood.

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Find a tv show that calms you down

Personally, some of my favorite shows are also very therapeutic. For example, Chef’s Table on Netflix gets a bad reputation for having frivolous (but amazing) cinematography and pretentious cuisine. However, the dynamic cinematography along with classical music as the soundtrack is the perfect balance that calms your senses. Another show I used to watch was How It’s Made. If you like watching robots do stuff with, again, soothing music overhead, this show is a must.

Chef’s Table just released a season that only features chefs with a sweet tooth. I highly recommend it if you enjoy dessert.

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Make lists

This point often escapes me when I see a mountain of work ahead of me. First off, looking at the mountain is much scarier than breaking it up into pieces. If you have ever seen What About Bob?, you’ll know to take “baby steps.” I recommend making a list that sorts out the days of the week. Then, you can make a separate list of “to-dos.” Then, start placing certain tasks into certain days. They may not be completely realistic goals, but writing them down gives you a sense of control.

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Call!!!!! Your!!!!!!!!!!!! Parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you believe I call my mother every day? It’s true! She’s my rock! Please, I beg of you all, call your parents. First of all, they miss you so much that they will probably douse you in love once you call. But, I look up to my parents, so they are there whenever I need advice. Even when I don’t need to talk about anything specific, I call my mom. Just knowing that they are there for you, even though they’re not with you, means a ton, and it will calm your nerves.

Laura: Balancing Act

A month into my New Year’s Resolution and I can say I am not doing too hot.

What is this 2018 Resolution you ask? Not the basic ideas like drink more water, exercise frequently, or be better at saving money, but rather…

To stop getting stressed out.

If you are anything like me (neat freak, planner obsessed, calendar is color coded, etc) you might think this is an impossible goal. I just can’t help it! When I have an overwhelming schedule I immediately result to blurting out “I’M SO STRESSED!"

I think getting caught up in the college moment is almost too easy. With class all day, an internship, trying to hangout with friends, catching up on This is Us and getting sleep it can be impossible to find time to breathe.

Here is my pledge that I will actually try to be less stressed so here are some ideas on how we can all prevent and reduce stress: 

  • Meditating in the morning

This doesn’t need to take too much time it can just be taking some nice deep breaths before leaving your room for the day and giving yourself positive thoughts.

  •  Drinking tea before bed

My favorite is the honey lavender “Stress Relief” tea from the brand Yogi.

  • Getting the proper amount of sleep

I try and get 8 hours of sleep every night by using the bedtime section on the clock app on my phone. I can set when I want to go to bed and wake up and it will remind me 15 minutes before to go to bed. I can also track my sleep to make sure I am staying well rested to avoid feeling run down and sick.

  • Acknowledging that you’re stressed and taking a break

If you take a minute to realize you’re stressed, what needs to get done and then take a small break before you do it, it might be more effective. Sometimes I need a quick break before I can sit down to do all my work.

We’re all in stress together! Get those deep breaths going with me and we can definitely make it through this semester.

Sam G: Three Easy Ways to Take Care of Yourself This Winter

Winter in Boston is objectively ... not the most fun. The dead of winter means cold, dry air, dark mornings, early nights, flu symptoms and general yuckiness. This semester, my last one at BU, I've (finally) come up with ways to keep myself healthy, happy and far away from that spring-semester slump.
1. Eat seasonal veggies
Sometimes eating healthy in the winter is tricky! Out-of-season vegetables are expensive and not the freshest, so it's often easier to dive into a big bowl of pasta or zap that leftover takeout in the microwave. One thing I like to do in the winter to stay healthy and happy is pick up seasonal winter veggies for hearty meals of soup or vegetable pans that last all week long! Try roasting a batch of crispy brussel sprouts, bake a yummy delicata squash in olive oil or even slice up some homemade sweet potato "fries."
2. Invest in an essential oil diffuser
I received a desktop diffuser for Hanukkah, and it's really changed my world.  This is going to sound extra but I promise, this baby has worked wonders. 100 ml of water + three drops of oil = immediate peace, relaxation and warmth. It can be set on a timer, so I will do an hour of lavender oil as I fall asleep, an hour of peppermint for a boost of positivity or an hour of frankincense for meditation. I like to turn it on while I get ready in the morning to get me out of bed and wake up a bit. 10/10 would recommend.
3. Get moving
Trust me, there's nothing I like more on a cold day than cuddling under my blanket and watching Netflix or reading a good book. That being said, winter is often the hardest time of year to get active and can leave you in a real funk. My new favorite fitness app, Aaptiv, holds me accountable to work out in some capacity every day and keeps me awake and alert during the day. The app updates daily with new classes narrated by real trainers, which is useful whether I want to go for a full-on FitRec sweat sesh or just do a bit of body strength in my apartment before I get ready for the day.