Laura: How I Started A Podcast With WTBU


I have wanted to start a podcast for so long, probably since I learned how to talk even though podcasts weren’t a thing yet then. I did have one of those cassette recorder machines – it was Barbie-themed might I add – and I would record myself talking and singing and make cassette tapes of that, so that’s basically a podcast in the 90s. 

I listen to podcasts all day long whether I am walking to class, getting on the T, hanging out in my room, or studying in the library. They are great background noise and keep me awake and energized throughout my day! I love hearing a new perspective on various topics and felt that I could offer a fresh perspective on college life as well. 

WTBU: the beat of Boston University, our student-run radio station, made it extremely easy for me to make all of my podcasting dreams come true. 

I applied to have my own podcast by writing a show description, outlining an example episode, and sending over sample promotional materials. Within a week I was set – I would be getting my own podcast through the WTBU network. 

WTBU has its very own podcasting studio, which is extremely professional and detailed. Additionally, every student has free access to the editing software Adobe Audition. 

I have already put out two episodes with more on the way! Having my own podcast in my last semester at BU has been a great way to reflect on these past four years and end off my Senior year perfectly. I am also able to utilize the podcast platform on my own once I graduate which will be such a fun activity to document post-grad life and help out my listeners. 

If you’d like to check out my podcast, you can listen to the first few episodes on Spotify by clicking here.

Or to listen on anchor, click here.

And follow along on Instagram @Okayguyspod.

If you would like to check out all of the other WTBU podcasts you can find a list of them by clicking here.

Happy listening!

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