Laura: Seeing Comm. Ave. From a New Light


I will never tire of walking up and down Commonwealth Avenue. Home of Boston University’s campus, stretching about a mile long. 

Endless amounts of energy, students rushing to class, saying hi to friends old and new — I love it all. 

After being abroad last semester in Sydney, Australia I was really excited about returning to Bean Town for my senior year. 

Experiencing the magic of Comm Ave for the past three years makes the view from my fourth year exciting, but different. Walking from my West Campus apartment to my East Campus classes I notice how much has changed, how much I have learned, and how confident I feel as I walk with a purpose. Long ago are the days where I wouldn’t be able to find my classroom in Kenmore, turning on Google maps in a panic, or leaving an hour before my class started to make it on time.

As I walk our iconic street and campus, I watch my memories unfold. The moment I decided I wanted to attend Boston University on my campus tour in 2015, matriculation, every first day of classes each semester, when the Patriots won the superbowl and the student body created a parade, and so much more. Every time I walk down Comm Ave I am reminded of so much Boston University has given me in friendships, following a career path, and growing up. 

While Life Alive used to be a Panera and the bookstore used to be in Kenmore, these are not the only changes made on Comm Ave. This street holds memories and shows you how much you have learned about yourself. You learn that it does not take an hour to get from one end of campus to the other, but more importantly you gain a foundation of who you are. Now being in my last year I not scared about leaving because I know I can always return back to Comm Ave to remind myself of who I was as I walked this street each day and more importantly who I became because of it. 

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