Laura: How I Decided What I Want To Do With My Life

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to use my creativity. I have been keeping a journal since 7th grade and my love for writing grows more and more each day. When deciding what to study in college I stumbled across the field of communications and all of the stars were aligned. I like to talk to people, write, use creativity and think about what makes a good brand or campaign. Everything pointed to public relations and I was ready to go. 

After taking COM 101 in the fall and studying the public relations chapter I questioned if that career choice really was for me. That was when I turned the page to the next chapter in the textbook- and my love for advertising began. After reading about how far the advertising industry has come and different famous ad-campaigns that have shaped consumers’ minds I was hooked. I started to think back on why I never feel the need to skip commercials while I am watching TV, or why I love flipping through magazines and everything became so clear.

This spring, I am taking a nutrition course through Sargent College and while I am admittedly not the best at the science behind it, I realized the need for health and wellness advertising. My professor showed the class a video (featured below) about the marketing behind the healthy food market and I had a mile wide smile planted on my face the entire time.

After watching this video and realizing the excitement it gave me (who knew school could be so thrilling?) I finally realized that it is my dream in life to go into the field of health, food, and wellness advertising. This will be the perfect way to use my creativity and also put my love of social justice to use. Sometimes advertising gets the reputation of “messing with consumers minds” and that it “will do anything to trick people into consuming.” I see this specified field as a great way to change that reputation. When I graduate from BU I can only hope that I will be able to work for a team that is able to produce advertisements that raise awareness for diseases, make eating healthy more exciting and that let people know they are not alone if they do happen to have an illness.

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