Laurel: Anything but Square: Union Square Donuts Review

Union Square Donuts are not anything like your local neighborhood donut shop; that is unless you can find a maple donut with actual bacon on top. Odds are, you won’t. Union Square, located in the Boston Public Market, Somerville, and Brookline, offers its customers a vast array of decadent flavors that will keep people begging for more. Anywhere from coconut to sugar raised to seasonal flavors such as orange cardamom and poppy seed—Union Square has it all!

I have brought every family member who’s come to visit me to Union Square and every reaction is the same—they fall in love. My aunt even took a box home to the rest of her family so Union Square ended up in California!

My previous visits had been about the enjoyment of eating a donut, but this time I went to perform a formal taste test so you all can indulge with confidence!  I brought my friend along with me, a notorious picky eater, so if he was impressed, we can all rest easy. I was tempted to walk on the wild side and try the Boston Cream donut, but my childhood roots pulled me to the birthday cake, a classic cake donut with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Justin, my trustworthy companion, opted for the classic sugar raised, a donut tossed in cinnamon sugar. We were both thoroughly impressed at the lightness of the donuts; they were not dense and did not leave you feeling stuffed with carbs. The chocolate was rich and flavorful and the cake donut had the classic texture and consistency. The sugar raised was light and fluffy with the perfect coating for flavor. Overall, we were very impressed and already planning our next trip.

Union Square prides itself on their unique in-house recipes using wholesome ingredients to make fresh donuts daily. Their care and attention to detail is evident in every bite! Go forth and explore the upscale world of gourmet donuts in your local New England.

**Aside from fancy flavors, Union Square offers vegan donuts to accommodate donut lovers of all dietary needs. **

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