Frank: My Favorite WTBU Radio Shows!

The thing I love the most about Boston University is WTBU. That’s not even an exaggeration. The great amount of love I have for our student run radio station cannot be put into words. I’ve had so much fun and have made such great friends through WTBU that I feel like I owe the station in some way. So, as a way of paying WTBU back for all the good it has done in my life, I’m going to share a list of my favorite WTBU shows! This list is in no particular order since I love all of these shows about the same amount, so without further ado here are my favorite WTBU shows:

  1. #illuminaticonfirmed

#illuminaticonfirmed is without a doubt the “wokest” show on WTBU. Every Friday from 8pm to 10pm, their DJs deliver you a daily dose of conspiracy theories in an attempt to “wake you up” from your “knowledge slumber”. In addition to their talks about aliens and cryptids, they also play some experimental music between talk breaks that really helps set the mysterious and otherworldly vibe I love so much about this show. #illuminaticonfirmed is just a joy to listen to; you not only get to hear the most outrageous conspiracy theories and the spookiest of tracks, but you also get to listen to the DJs’ genuine reactions of confusion, shock, and disbelief to them! Tune in every week to find out what’s the newest thing the “big corporations” are trying to hide from us!

  1. Time Signatures

Have you ever wondered how genres of music like blues, house, and jazz came to be? Do you want to discover some more obscure music genres? Well, fret (ha, music joke) not! Time Signatures has got your back. The DJs over at Time Signatures explore different music genres from their roots to their current state, every Saturday from 4pm to 6pm! They not only tackle the more popular genres, but they also talk about more unknown ones like shoegaze! The DJs also do very extensive research on each genre so you’ll not only listen to some nice music, but you’ll also learn about their composition and execution! If you’re a bit of a music nerd like I am, be sure to give Time Signatures a listen!

  1. The Blunder Years

Okay, okay, okay, you got me. The Blunder Years makes the list because, well, it’s my show! I was lucky enough to get a radio show on my second semester here at BU, so I kind of want to talk about it for a bit. The Blunder Years is pretty much a confession show. My co-DJ and I talk about those embarrassing moments we had while growing up and how we reacted to them then, and how we would have reacted to them now. It’s not only about us though, we also have a Google Doc on our Facebook page where people can share their own embarrassing stories anonymously so we can read them on air. So if you have any embarrassing story you want to get off your chest, why don’t you send it our way? We broadcast live Fridays from 10pm to 12 am!

WTBU has a great variety of programing. They have music shows, talk shows, and even news shows, so if none of the shows I mentioned interests you, you can definitely find something that suits your tastes. If you like what you hear, consider maybe becoming an intern for one of the shows! After interning on one show for a semester, you can apply for a show of your very own the next one, so if you still haven’t found a show you like on the radio station you can apply to make your own. Also, WTBU isn’t just for COM students; students from different BU colleges can also intern and apply for shows! So, what are you waiting for? Come and join the best thing BU has to offer: WTBU!

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