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PPaul Muldoon

“Words want to find chimes with each other, things want to connect.”  

–Paul Muldoon





Today is the birthday of Irish poet Paul Muldoon, who was actually on campus for the Lowell Memorial Poetry Reading not long ago.  Here’s a poem by him that I like.  Doesn’t he look badass in this photo?

What are you guys reading this summer?  I almost missed my stop on the train this morning reading All the Pretty Horseby Cormac McCarthy.  (Spoiler alert after first paragraph in that link.)

Here are some literary links for your weekend (and tomorrow is the longest day of the year!).

Flannery O’Connor doesn’t think friends should let friends read Ayn Rand.  HA.

A really lovely letter from Iggy Pop.

Kafka on reading.

I love these rules for writing, especially the first one.

A reminder from Annie Dillard: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Bookish bags.

The New Yorker tells us how to enjoy soccer.

Have a wonderful summer solstice!

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