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Hi guys!  The first summer session here at BU is wrapping up, and some of our Global Fellows will be heading off to faraway places very soon.  You can follow their adventures here.  I’ll be adding more to that link as the blogs come in.  Be sure to check out Qais’ blurb about his Mark Twain adventure and Sarah’s Scotland reading list.

One of the fiction MFAs recommended the novel Skippy Dies, and now I can’t put it down.  Seriously, just open it up in Googlebooks and try and see if you can stop.  I went to three different book stores in Cambridge to find it, and none of them had it, but each bookseller nodded knowingly and said it was a great book.  Kinda weird.

Anyway, I’m posting early because I’ll be out of town tomorrow. Here are literary (and not so literary) links:

It’s Edith Pearlman’s birthday today!  I’ve got her collection Binocular Vision and it’s quite impressive.  I recommend the story “Day of Awe.”

Skippy Dies.  (No spoilers.)

This year’s Shakespeare on the Common is Twelfth Night.

What makes a bestselling novel?

Interesting vocab test.

Seven “bogus” grammar errors.

David Sedaris and his Fitbit.

George Orwell’s four motives of writing.

Someone recommended this documentary about chef Kenny Shopsin last weekend.

Saturday, my sister and I are going to Shopsin’s.  Check out their crazy menu.

Speaking of food, has anyone read this yet?  It’s getting good reviews.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

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