Megan Collins published in Rattle and 3Elements Review


Wonderful news for Megan Collins (Poetry ’08)!  Megan’s stirring poem, “After the Memorial,” recently appeared in Rattle.  The poem was published as part of the Poets Respond project, in which poets respond to current events.

Megan says:

“I wrote this poem in response to a local tragedy in which a teenager, Austin Tautkus of Ellington, Connecticut, was killed in an ATV accident. On Tuesday of this week, there was a memorial in which people gathered to let go of balloons filled with messages they had written for the boy. The idea of this tribute moved me, and I wondered what would happen to those messages, where they would end up, once the balloons popped. In writing this poem, I imagined a kind of healing end to that story, both for those who knew Tautkus and those who didn’t but are similarly affected by their own personal heartaches.”

In addition, Megan recently published this flash fiction piece at 3Elements Review for their Stories from Art project!

And, if that weren’t enough, she also has poems forthcoming in Blast Furnace, Blinders Literary Journal, Hartskill Review, Off the Coast, Toad, and Tinderbox Poetry Journal, as well as a flash fiction piece forthcoming in Dialogual.

Major congratulations, Megan!

Megan Collins received her MFA from Boston University. She teaches creative writing at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, as well as world literature at Central Connecticut State University. Her work has appeared in 3Elements Review, Linebreak, Rattle, and is forthcoming in a number of literary journals.

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