Translation by Laura Marris in the Brooklyn Rail

Marris Photo

More exciting news for BU poetry alumni: Laura Marris’ (poetry ’13) translation of “Abalamour: Because or Down with Love” by Paol Keineg has been published in the Brooklyn Rail! And what’s more, Paol Keineg’s translation of one of Laura’s poems, “Ransom,” has just been published in Secousse.

Last fall, Laura traveled to Brittany, France to work with Paol during her Robert Pinsky  Global Fellowship.  It’s wonderful to see their translations of each others’ work being published around the same time.

Congratulations, Laura!

Laura Marris teaches poetry at Boston University. Her poems, reviews, and translations have appeared or are forthcoming in Meridian, DMQ Review, H.O.W., and The Wallace Stevens Journal. She is currently working on a translation of Louis Guilloux’s Le Sang noir for the NYRB Classics.

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