Literary Links


Happy Friday from BU Creative Writing!

Here are some literary links for your weekend:

This week was the kickoff of Robert Pinsky’s Art of Poetry MOOC, and we’re excited that it now has over 15,000 students.

Be sure to check out our current Global Fellows’ blogs.

Leslie Epstein’s Pinto and Sons–eleven years in the making–is now available in digital format on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Googlebooks, and Smashwords.  Congratulations, L!

Liz Danzico on choosing one thing to do every day.

A fascinating, moving conversation with Marilynne Robinson.

Christopher Hitchens on the word “like.”

A metaphor for writing and for life, from choreographer Merce Cunningham: “Falling is one of the ways of moving.”

How to be polite (and more importantly, how to have empathy).

An exquisite poem I recently discovered by Sharon Bryan.

The creator of the marshmallow test on self-control.

Hope your weekends are filled with wild and whirling words.

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