Abriana Jette in Conversation with Robert Pinsky


Check out this wonderful conversation with Robert Pinsky in Stay Thirsty magazine!  It’s filled with nuggets of wisdom on a slew of things — from Dante to music to making meaning — all prompted by insightful questions from Abriana Jetté  (Poetry 2012).  From the interview:

“It’s the sound of meaning that I crave and concentrate on: Frost talks about hearing a conversation through a closed door. A toddler can make the sounds of meaning—which is to say, meaning—in a language, before quite forming words. If one gets that right, then something in the human condition can express itself through you . . . audible to anyone who says the words of your poem, in that person’s imagination or actually. You don’t need to be there to perform it, the reader will hear it, in that reader’s own actual or imagined voice. That is the unique intimacy of poetry.”

Congratulations, Abriana, and thank you for sharing this!


Abriana Jetté is an internationally published poet, essayist, and educator from Brooklyn, New York. Her work has appeared in dozens of journals, including the Dr. T. J. Eckleburg Review, The Iron Horse Literary Review, The American Literary Review, and 491 Magazine. She teaches at St. Johns’s University and the City University of New York, writes a regular column for Stay Thirsty Magazine that focuses on emerging poets and she is the editor of the recently published book, The Best Emerging Poets of 2013, that debuted on Amazon as the #3 Best Seller in Poetry Anthologies.

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