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We were delighted to see that the latest poetry collection by Erin Belieu, Slant Six (Copper Canyon Press), was reviewed on the first page of the Arts section of the New York TimesTimes critic Dwight Gardner was largely favorable in his review, saying, “It’s got more smoke, more confidence, more wit and less tolerance for obscurity. Her crisp free verse has as many subcurrents as a magnetic field.”

Click here to buy a copy.

This was the last week of classes here at BU, and we had our last Black Box Reading of the semester on Tuesday, and went to an AGNI party (with readings) on Thursday.  We’re looking forward to even more program parties over the weekend, and wish you all the very best of luck in your final papers and exams!

Now for some Friday links:

What you should read next.

I recently read Jeffrey Eugenides’ hugely entertaining The Marriage Plot

Why the marriage plot need never get old.

Truman Capote’s poignant short story, “A Christmas Memory.”

Five subway haiku.

Don’t let go of the potato?  Here’s a foreign idiom quiz from the Atlantic.

Robert Pinsky in the New Yorker this week.

And this week’s fiction, by Elizabeth McKenzie, which I was quite moved by.

Why you should never date a writer.

A couple Advent poems: “Expectans Expectavi” by Anne Ridler and “The Minor Prophets” by Michael Lind.

Happy holidays, all!

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