Friday links, holiday edition.


The winter solstice is this Sunday, which means the sun will be shining a little longer each day following.  Hurrah!  I am planning to read this and this (snagged an advance copy from a friend) over the holidays.  The office will be closed here from tomorrow until January 5, but you can still reach us via email at  Very best wishes for your holidays from BU Creative Writing!

Here are some literary links:

Must-read wisdom from Wendell Berry:
“Good work finds the way between pride and despair. It graces with health. It heals with grace. It preserves the given so that it remains a gift.”

A witty, wordy letter.

Gift ideas from Harvard Book Store.

Gift ideas from Miranda July?  (This is so cool.)  Click on an object to see its corresponding passage.

Another gift idea, and the chapter from whence it came.

Jan Morris on books:
“I am all too easily seduced by almost any kind of book. The name of the author entices me of course, the subject, sometimes the title, the opinion of critics I respect, a handsome jacket, elegant typography, the intoxicating smell of a volume and occasionally just a bibliophile’s foolish impulse.”

Did you know that Joseph Brodsky wrote a Christmas poem every year?  Here’s one, translated by Derek Walcott.

Happy fourth day of Hanukkah! A Hanukkah poem by Emma Lazarus.

“The Burglar at Christmas” by Willa Cather, published under her pseudonym.

A winter poem by William Carlos Williams.

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