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Great news from Shubha Sunder (fiction 2012), who has had not one, but two short stories published in journals recently!  “The Footbridge” appears in the winter issue of the Michigan Quarterly Review, and “Second Language” can be read online at The Bangalore Review.

Congratulations, Shubha!  And we’re looking forward to reading your novel when it comes out.

Shubha Sunder (Fiction 2012) is currently at work on her first novel, titled Boomtown Girl. Her stories have most recently appeared in the Michigan Quarterly Review, The Bangalore Review, and Narrative Magazine, where she was a winner of the 2012 “30 Below” contest. At BU she won the Robert Fitzgerald Prize and the Shmuel Traum Prize for her translation of Marcel Proust. She also won the Florence Engel Randall Graduate Fiction Award, and a Leslie Epstein Global Fellowship, which took her to Russia. She lives in Jamaica Plain, Boston.

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