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The Birthplace of Love

Devin I finally understand why the land of Israel has been fought over since, what feels like the beginning of mankind. I was standing looking at the sunrise at the sea of Galilee and realized that I am in the land where love was born. The most powerful force known to man, was birthed on […]

An Open Letter to the Spencer Family

To the Spencer Family, Today you lost a father, a husband and a friend. Michael Spencer, or to me Mr. Spencer, was a warrior. It was people like him that made me fall in love with the church. I don’t know why things like this have to happen to great people like Mr. Spencer and the […]


I recently went to a poetry slam this past week, and one of the student poets decided to focus on love throughout her work. Me, being the hopeless and movie type love believer became immediately drawn into her words. One of the lines that stuck with me was, “love is all the moments that don’t […]

Pause and Consider

For a moment I remembered what drew me here to Boston. It was fear. I never imagined myself at BU because I didn’t think I would get in. Earlier today I was hosting some students from the Southside of Chicago and they asked why I came to BU. There was no program or professor that drew […]


A few weeks ago I bought a bike and started realizing the joy of having access to all parts of the city at anytime. Lately when I get on my bike one idea comes into mind: runaway. I imagine just riding and never looking back and having no idea where I plan to go. There’s […]

Hope – Day 293

Today after church, MOVE decided to take our volunteer efforts to the public sphere and put together relief kits on the plaza of Marsh. We had some music going and I was tasked with trying to get any and everyone to come and help us finish our kits. I was surprised but the outcome and […]

Is God Good?

I sat in my religious thinking of Howard Thurman class and someone asked is God good? Moreover, can God be good, when there is so much bad and because God is everything how can he be good. I wrestled with that for a while. I went to the idea, “God is good all the time, […]

Here it Comes

I am a huge Chance the Rapper fan. The shift in focus Chance has had in his music since the birth of his daughter has connected to me in ways I could never had imagine. A few weeks ago Chance premiered a new song that I’ve finally got around to listening to. After listening to […]

The Black Church

I do not think I will ever leave the black church. It is where I found my love of God and myself honestly.  Three years at Marsh and the first year at Marsh challenged me in ways I could not imagine. I was challenged by the stillness of the service and how much time there […]


I have been attached to the concept of energy since the middle of the summer. Energy is what I seek constantly in my life. I believe in the power of energy, and more importantly how much I learn from energy. In my third year at Boston University, I have tried to portray a different energy […]