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Ordinary Moments

Lately, I’ve been thinking about journeys. More specifically, the journey of life, the moments that make it up and the people we share it with.When I think about my journey, my mind is quickly drawn to high or low points, clearly defined, with tangible lessons learned on the spot. This post is not about those […]

Good Trouble

It is good to be back at school, but I had a great summer. It was hard to leave. I have struggled to explain why this summer was so special to me, because while I had great experiences none of them truly stand out. Its meaning came from a series of small moments that together prompted […]


I am regularly floored by the year that I have had. At our Monday meeting last week we asked each other a series of questions. It is one of my favorite things that we did this year. One of our questions was where have you seen God this year? I love that question, because it […]


  Easter Sunday. The light and joy of Sunday morning in any church is incredible. It’s palpable. The cheery greetings and colorful clothes, coupled with the brilliant sun this year reinforce what we are celebrating. This joy infects me, every year, without fail. It lightened my step as I returned home after services. It colored […]

The Call to Love

Devin, Nick, Denise, and Tom delivered a sermon during today’s Maundy Thursday service! As I listened to them meditate on what it meant for Jesus to wash his disciples’ feet and how to love unconditionally, I was reminded of all the work that each of the Marsh Associates put into writing it, as well as the […]


I like to watch the sunrise. Even before the sun is fully visible, you can sense its presence. The sky is gradually becoming grayer and then these beautiful purples and pinks and oranges appear. My window here overlooks the Charles river and the colorful sky framing the buildings and reflecting off the water is breathtaking. […]

Double Dutch

Growing up, my cousins and I used to play double dutch. It was one of my favorite parts of our visits. If I close my eyes, I can hear the rhythmic pounding of rope and sneakers on  pavement, the echoes of the songs, and the sound of the beads in my braids bouncing in time. I […]

A Love Letter to United Methodist Women

I spent this weekend in Nashville Tennessee at a meeting of the United Methodist Women Program Advisory Group. At our closing worship today we sang “For Everyone Born”. The opening notes of the song transported me to the first time I ever heard it. Assembly 2012- St. Louis. We sang it in a plenary session […]

Finding Rest in the Snow

Last week, Boston received quite a bit of snow. Thursday classes were canceled and I was free to watch the snow pile-up outside. As I watched the snowflakes drift past my window, I felt a peace settle over me. It has been a busy couple of weeks. Come Thursday morning I was feeling drained. Watching […]

The Jesus of Palestine

At the United Methodist General Conference in Portland last summer, Bishop Abrahams preached a sermon titled “Go in the name of Jesus of Palestine rather than Jesus of Constantine”. This sermon has stayed with me ever since, and it was especially on my mind this week. At the end of his first week in office, […]