Stick with Your New Exercise Routine!

By Elizabeth Jarrard, Dietetics Student, Sargent College

As the weather starts to turn a little warmer many people resolve that they will begin working out. This is a wonderful resolution, especially if it is created as an achievable goal . Here at BU we have the fabulous FitRec with a great variety of options for everyone! The secret to staying motivated to exercise is finding something you love, and sticking to it. Some people love pumping iron at the gym. Others adore cycling outside. Don’t let the excuse “I don’t like working out” get in the way of your goal! The first step to achieving your fitness goals is finding a type of exercise that you absolutely love to do.  When you first start your program don’t force yourself to do anything too hard or unpleasant.  Follow these top tips to get start and stick with a new exercise routine!

Consistency is key Make a plan and stick to it. The nice thing about goals is that they can always be changed if you find that following the goals isn’t working out exactly as planned.

Start Small. If you haven’t exercised in months it might make sense to start off with a goal of doing physical activity once or twice a week. Start with just jogging around the block, alternating run/walk, maybe even sign up for your first 5K with a few friends! Small steps lead to big changes!

Make it fun! Try a new fitness class! There’s no better day than today to try rock climbing, spinning or zumba!

Bring a friend. Having a workout partner is one of the most effective ways to be accountable and make your workout fun and more motivating.

See yourself fit. You’ll be more motivated to move if working out is part of your self-image, says a study in The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. Share your activities, goals, and endeavors with your friends and support system.

Reward yourself. Doing something consistently is an accomplishment! If you’ve been exercising regularly, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back!  Reward yourself by picking out some some new workout clothes, shoes or an iPod to get you even more jazzed about starting to work out! Download new music or an audiobook to keep you entertained.


What is your favorite type of exercise?


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Committing to a fitness routine means discovering what moves you—quite literally. Embrace variety at FitRec, finding joy in workouts that resonate with you. Starting small and staying consistent is pivotal. Adapt your plan as needed, ensuring that it aligns with your journey toward a healthier, happier you.

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