Holiday Parties: Sargent Choice Style

By Kelli Swensen, Dietetics Student, Sargent College

The holidays have become synonymous with casserole dishes and cookie platters. I’m sure many of you have been invited to at least one food-filled holiday party, or you may even be the brave soul hosting, this week. Either way, the decision of what to make can sometimes be stressful. Yes, there’s always the fall backs of chocolate chip cookies or lasagna, but why repeat the same recipes every year? Knowing there are going to be numerous dishes, very few of which will be healthy, why not bring something that will be both healthy and original. Lost at what could fit that description? Sargent Choice is here to help! Below are some holiday-party-worthy recipes, but don’t limit yourself to these! Check out our recipe page for many more ideas!




Dessert Options

Happy Holidays and Have a Great Break!

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