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Thanksgivukkah: Once in a Lifetime

By Alyssa Langer, Dietetics and Journalism Student, SAR and COM Why is this Hanukkah different from all other Hanukkahs? Because it happens to coincide with Thanksgiving. The eight-day Jewish holiday start date can vary due to the Hebrew calendar, though it typically occurs in December. While, to some, this overlapping may not seem like a […]

Lobstah Night

Alyssa Langer, Dietetics and Journalism Student, Sargent College and College of Communication Do you think you know how to properly eat a lobster? If so, you’ll get to show off your skills this Tuesday at Lobster Night, one of the most popular dining events hosted annually by BU Dining. And if you don’t know what […]

GoodBye MyPyramid: There’s a new shape in town!

USDA Replaces Food Pyramid with New Food Plate By Alyssa Langer, COM Student On June 2, 2011, the USDA revealed its new food plate, a simplified version of the food pyramid which had been in existence since 1992. The pyramid, though, was often confusing for Americans, particularly children, so Michelle Obama has teamed up with […]

Cage Free Eggs at BU

By Alyssa Langer, COM Student, Make a Difference Monday happens but once a month here at BU, but you can still choose sustainable options in the Dining Halls! Do you frequent the omelet station in the dining halls during breakfast? If so, have you noticed the new signs promoting cage-free eggs? After considering the idea […]

Make the Sargent Choice: It’s a No-Brainer

By Alyssa Langer Edited by: Stephanie Horton, Dietetic Intern, Sargent Choice Nutrition Center Have you heard of the “freshman 15?” Of course you have! But if you haven’t, the “freshman 15” is a phrase used to describe the weight gain many people experience upon entering their first year of college. Transitioning into new surroundings with […]

Super Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

By Alyssa Langer (COM’14) It’s that time of year again: The Super Bowl! This is a time spent with friends, watching football, laughing at creative television ads, and of course, eating party foods! More often than not, these foods include fried chicken wings, fried cheeses, fried onion rings, and fries (are you noticing a pattern […]