Kevin: Top 5 Scary Things as a Freshman (and why they shouldn’t be)

1. College Classes

There’s no getting around it, college classes are a big change from high school. As long as you stay on top of things, they can actually be easier though. You won’t get the “busy work” you might have gotten in high school. There’s a whole level of freedom that’s really nice, but that means it’s up to you to keep up, and if you don’t do your reading then you’ll be behind come test time. So stay organized; get binders, folders, notebooks, whatever you need, and come up with a system. When finals week comes around and you’re sifting through a semester’s worth of notes, you’ll thank yourself for being organized.

2. Upperclassmen

You remember freshman year of high school; the pep rally chants of “sit down freshmen,” getting shoved into lockers… (Ok maybe that sounds like a John Hughes movie but you get the idea). Now you’re going into college and you’re going to be a freshman all over again. Well don’t worry, college isn’t like high school. Everyone is excited to have new people on campus! When you join clubs and groups on campus you’ll realize that nobody cares what grade you are, they’re just excited that you share interests. So don’t be afraid to join clubs because you think that senior with the “President” nametag seems intimidating, they want you to join! Lots of upperclassmen will be more than happy to offer you advice or help if you need it, too! (Like COM Ambassadors! #subtlenamedrop)

3. The T

Ok so maybe this one isn’t for everyone. For those of you who are like me, from a small town where you’re more likely to see Sasquatch than some form of public transportation, the T can be a little freaky at first. The first few times I went on the T, I had no idea what I was doing. I got on at a subway station, but when I looked out the window suddenly I was above ground… it can be confusing. You’ll quickly learn that the system is made to be easy to understand and you’ll get the hang of it after riding it the first few times (and maybe a couple unplanned adventures around Boston…). My suggestion is to walk as much as possible though. It’ll really help you to get a feel for the city, and you’ll find a lot of cool things you didn’t even know existed!

4. Dorm Life

Living in a dorm depends a lot on what you make of it. My advice would be to make friends with your floor. Leave your door open during the first couple weeks and make an effort to meet as many people as you can. You’re going to live with them for a year, so it’s great to have friends right down the hall. I’ve met some of my best friends because they live a couple doors down from me. Just be friendly!

5. Office Hours

All professors have office hours, and if you’re willing to take advantage of the chance to ask them one-on-one questions, it can be a great chance for you. Not only do you get to ask questions, but also having the chance to know the professor can be great. Even if you just go to chat, a lot of professors will be glad to get to know you. BU is a big school, and if you sit in the back of the class and never interact with the professor, you’re missing out. So be sure to go visit office hours and volunteer in class, I promise you’ll see a difference in your grades. The professors are just people who are excited to meet you too!

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