Morgan: How to Have It All-A Lesson in Time Management

So you’ve got 18 credits, a part-time internship, multiple extra curricular activities, oh and you want to have a life. As COM students who are constantly trying to get a leg-up in the industry, it can seem like you’re expected to truly “have it all”. So what’s the trick to balancing all of these necessary steps on the road to COM success? A little bit of time management can go a long way.

First off – take those time to between classes and savor them. Don’t head back to your dorm/apt only to get distracted by Netflix, your comfy bed, or Temple Run 2 (seriously through – how great the new one?!). Find a spot on campus and hit the books. Try to accomplish a few tasks on that growing to-do list and you’ll feel significantly better about your day.

Take advantage of transportation as well. As Abby mentioned in her latest blog post, reading on the T on your way downtown to that internship can be a great way to get ahead. For exam preparation, take advantage of technology and get yourself the Study Blue app. It allows you to make mobile flashcards that sync to all your devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop) so that you can study anywhere you go.

When the weekend comes – evaluate how much work you need to do before you make any plans, then plan accordingly. You certainly don’t want to be going out three nights in a row when you have an exam on Monday.

Now the dreaded tip of the day… actually pay attention in class. I know, wild idea, but hear me out. I used to be the type that sat in the middle of the lecture hall with my laptop out, and hardly hearing a word the professor said (I mean the slides are online, who needs to listen?). I would send emails, check the social scene, and even fill out applications or edit articles for one of my extra-curriculars. But this semester, I decided that I’m going to see what paying attention actually does, and let me tell you, I’m amazed. I find myself already knowing more of the material in my Abnormal Psych class just by listening. Now I’ve started to challenge myself to come up with the answer in my head before the professor says it – just to see how much I know. This will certainly make me better prepared for the upcoming exam, and its also kinda therapeutic. Not being able to communicate with the outside world for a whole 80 minutes is pretty nice.

Finally, just relax. You’re going to get overwhelmed and stressed at times, but just remember that you will get through it and be better off because of it. Lean on your friends and classmates for support and don’t try to take on more than you can handle. Also, try to get some sleep. It does wonders.

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