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Taylor ImageWithin nearly every aspect of our lives, a box innately deems presence. For instance, there are granola boxes, jewelry boxes, cereal boxes, cable boxes, boxes of chocolate, and Disney channel once aired a hit toddler show entitled “Out of the Box”. It’s hard to fathom that an object of its simplicity could have so much dominance and importance. Don’t freight, you’ll soon embrace the smell of cardboard and the taunting puzzle of box folding as packing season has begun.

Figuring out what was worthy of packing, shipping, and ordering for school fall semester was a summer long quest. After what seemed like hours of convincing my mom that Mr. Bear could not join my collegiate embarking I realized that other materialistic sacrifices needed to be made as well. Coming to this conclusion unfortunately resonated the day before departure, once I weighed my luggage. I must admit that within the process of packing it is often forgotten that return is likely. Although it’s great to be prepared and take those shoes that you may wear once every blue moon being realistic saves time and money.

I would suggest checking out Bed Bath and Beyond’s College Checklist. For those unfamiliar with stores around BU, the nearest Bed Bath location in proximity to the Warren Towers and the Student Union is less than ten minutes away in Fenway Park. BU does an awesome job with assisting students in the moving process. In fact, hundreds of large yellow wheeled bins are distributed to students free of charge for picking up in-store packages.

Amongst the many things that I have written on my bucket list, I’ve always wanted to use a registry clicker (a device often shown on wedding movies and TV shows).To my surprise Bed Bath and Beyond allowed me to scan all of the items that wanted in my dorm room and with one employees magic a checked selection awaited my Boston landing. I was then able to choose what I still wanted from my prior scanning and pay at the Boston Fenway location.

Packing has always been a nightmare for me. A bit of advice: Get it done early! In addition, don’t try to pack your house. I quickly realized when packing to come home for the summer that I had collected tons of clothing and merchandise from various sales within a year’s span. The box dilemma emerged again along with hours of deciding what to sacrifice for good.

Pack Up and Gear Up for an Amazing First Year!

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