Tom: It’s Internship Time

Tom ImageHey guys! Hope the summer months have treated you well and you are all excited to come to BU in the fall. I’ve already met some of you at Orientation and I look forward to seeing all of you over the next few weeks.

This summer I’ve begun my first COM summer internship at SpeakEasy Stage Company over in Boston’s South End. I am one of SpeakEasy’s Marketing Interns, which means that I intern under the company’s marketing director to assist in gaining new subscribers, advertise for their upcoming season, and help out the office in any way I can.

SpeakEasy is the perfect first stop for my first internship as it is exactly in the field where I want to end up. I was able to combine my passion for theater with my COM education in the advertising industry. My advice to incoming students is to take advantage of the summers to find the best internships. Since you are not bogged down with schoolwork, you can focus on getting the most out of your internship.

The greatest part of my internship at SpeakEasy (besides the free show tickets) is that I have managed to get FOUR COM Credits for the internship. If you are a junior or senior in COM, you can get course credit for your classes that actually count towards your major requirements. This was ideal for me because I can get the four credits out of the way and focus on different things coming my way during the school year. I definitely recommend COM students do multiple internships in their time here. While this is my first internship, I plan on doing 3-4 more in the rest of my time here (including one abroad in London in the spring!). It’s a great time to gain experience, build up your resume, get some course credit, and of course, have a good time in a field your passionate about.

I’ll be back later in the summer with a bit of advice for new students moving in to BU in the fall. See you all at Orientation on Thursdays this summer!! Reach out to me when you get here – the student advisors and I can’t wait to meet you guys.

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