Alexa: First Day of School

I’ve come to realize that the first day of school will always have its similarities. However in college, I might prepare for my first day a little differently, since I’m living in a dorm room and not my house, oh also I am 3,000 miles away from home.

First, I will try going to bed at nine o’clock. Instead, I will stay up until midnight or more just laying in my bed thinking, “Why? Why is this happening?”

Next, I will continuously wake up through the night in a state of panic that I might have missed my alarm, only to be reassured that it’s 3:11 AM. I always wake up at something: 11, it’s strange but that’s a whole different conversation.

Finally, when I realize I can sleep in no more, I will put on the outfit that, I’ll admit, I have picked out weeks ahead of time. First impressions count! I will also try to straighten my hair. However, this will probably not work out as well as I would like since my hair has a mind of its own and will only look nice right before I get in the shower.

Next, I will gather all of my things hoping that I don’t forget anything important, more than likely I will. Last year it was my dorm key and I’m really sure my roommate enjoyed that.

Before college, right before I headed out the door, my dad would always give me a few words of encouragement. He has now shortened it down to a simple text stating, “It only matters if you win.” Obviously words to live by. Thanks dad.

I will try to take the BUS (the BU Shuttle) to class but since obviously everyone has the same idea that I have, it will be full unless you shove your way in, normally I like to avoid shoving people and convince myself that a walk is exactly what I need. After taking a nice fifteen minute stroll to class I will continuously debate in my head whether or not I should stop for Starbucks before class in Warren. While my heart says yes, my brain is begging me not to because no one wants to be the person that comes in late to class clutching an iced white mocha, trust me. The argument in my head will continue until I see the long line that is Starbucks and will suffice to getting to class a little early.

Once I get to class, I will again debate between myself and the voice in my head of where I should sit. Should I be attentive and sit and the front? Should I just blend in and sit in the back? Middle it is. Life is all about compromise people.

My point is, don’t take the first day of college too seriously. In all likelihood, you’re going to have a lot of first days and you should enjoy them, not stress about them.  With that being said, have fun in COM101!


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