Richie: Back to Bay State Road!

Welcome back to Boston everyone! I hope you all had a great summer, I know I definitely had one of my best experiences this past summer! Interning at the Cannes Film Festival, traveling Europe and visiting Los Angeles for the first time in August all made for an incredible time! However, I’m even more excited for everything in this upcoming semester. I moved back to my on-campus apartment on Bay State Rd and am loving it even more than last year. The new Student Center on 100 Bay State is directly across from my building and I have to say it’s absolutely amazing. Obviously my lack of a dining plan make my visits seldom, yet having such a modern and incredible building nearby changes the atmosphere of my area for the best from when it was just a construction site.

I’m also extremely excited for all the classes I’m taking! Advanced Directing and Acting for Writers and Directors already seem to be my two favorite classes. Being primarily interested in directing, learning acting will be a huge benefit. Not only being able to communicate with actors, but gaining a stronger appreciation of the vulnerable position they put themselves in will definitely be a huge help in my directing.

I was also recently selected to help in recruiting more interns for the Creative Mind Group which brought me out to the Cannes Film Festival. I’m starting to reach out to students in the Boston area, and I’ve been getting some good responses.

Probably the project I’m most exited for this semester though is the short film my friends and I will be shooting outside of class. We’re working off a script I wrote during the summer and have been in intense pre-production meetings since we got back.  It’s still in the early stages but I’m happy to say we have a crew set, our budget finalized, shooting schedule and even some of the main actors. It’s going to be a very ambitious film close to twenty minutes in length, but we’re all psyched to get started!

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