Tom: Falling in Love with Your Minor

Hey all! Hope your semester is off to a great start. It’s become that time of year around campus – the leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, students are breaking out the sweaters, and midterms are right around the corner.

This semester has been awesome thus far. I’ve been busy directing All Shook Up through BU On Broadway, and just found out that I will be headed to London next semester through BU’s London Internship Program. A ton of great blogs ahead about both!

But for this blog, I wanted to focus on how you can incorporate a minor into your schedule and how you can fall in love with this minor, as much as your major.

First – COM’s Curriculum makes it manageable to incorporate a liberal arts minor.

Since COM is focused on its liberal arts curriculum in addition to its COM classes, there is plenty of flexibility to take a minor within the College of Arts and Sciences. Through meeting with an academic adviser in COM, I realized I could make sociology my minor with only one additional class. Obviously, I took this opportunity and ran with it.

Second – Taking on a Minor gives you a break from your COM Classes.

I love COM Classes to death (hence why I’m an Advertising major). But there’s only so many advertising classes you can take in one semester without feeling like you’re going insane. That’s one of the greatest things about being able to minor. You get to change up what you are focusing on and try out some new things. Sometimes a break is exactly what you need to do your best work.

Third – You get to try other things you are interested in.

This semester I am taking Sociology 240: Sex and The Social Life, which is hands down one of the most interesting classes I’ve ever taken in my time at BU. While normally, I would not get a chance to take this class, having the opportunity to minor allows me to take the class and have it count for my requirements.


In short – take advantage of minoring while in COM. While most students come in and focus only on their major, sometimes a minor can go a long way.

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